Think about how confusing it can be to send and receive countless texts with a group of friends just to figure out where to meet for dinner. Some of your friends want to eat Chinese food. Others prefer Mexican. You just want a juicy hamburger. Even if you can all decide what restaurant to eat at, you then have to decide on a time and make sure to communicate all of the details with each and every friend. How many texts will it take before you all come to a consensus and finalize the details?

The answer is zero. All you need is Orgaknife. This is an app that helps any group of people to organize an event. First, you download the app on your smartphone for free. Next, you tell all of your friends to do the same. After that, you create an event and share it with friends. Now, everyone is on the same page and able to view the status of the group's plans at the same time.

But Orgaknife does more than just consolidate the information. The app allows you and your friends to vote on restaurant choices and the time you will meet. It also sends out reminders to every member of the group before the event begins. Also, the app that is changing the process for people to decide where to gather to eat has a feature that lets you search for new restaurants in the area.

Some other apps in the same space will give the user recommendations based on his or her's preferences. The issue with this is, that as a group, these preferences won't always be aligned (one guy may be hungry for a T-bone steak while another person in the group is vegetarian). Orgaknife has been built with this issue in mind. It's algorithm takes everyone's preferences into account, and recommends restaurants that will please everyone in the group. 

With Orgaknife, you are not limited to one plan at a time. The app organizes all of your upcoming events and provides a summary of your past events from a personalized dashboard. Now, you can encourage your friends to venture out and not get stuck in a routine of eating at the same place over and over by quickly reviewing where your group has eaten in the past.

With work and chores and activities, life can become overly hectic in an instant. With your wide group of friends experiencing the same dilemma, deciding where to meet for a meal should not add a headache to all of your days. Make the decision an exciting activity without creating a group text that is sure to turn into a mess of mass confusion. Let Orgaknife help organize your life. This is the app that will save your group time while paying special attention to every person's preference and palate.