Providing a room with a natural, cost-effective heating method is simple and sleek through the use of Egloo. An eco-friendly alternative to paying an increasingly higher heat bill, Egloo utilizes the natural heat given off by candles to increase the degrees in the room. It works by placing three candles under the terra-cotta domes, and after about 30 minutes or so Egloo creates a comfortable heat that is trapped inside and released gradually, raising the temperature. The pieces are simple: Egloo is made with a base for the candles to rest on, a grill to support the domes and allow air flow, and the two domes themselves. The thinner dome within stores the majority of the heat and the thicker external dome allows for more even distribution throughout the area.

This is the perfect time to invest in this item, as the cooler months are quickly approaching but the need for constant heat has not yet arrived. Egloo provides the perfect middle ground to carry you through autumn, and even into the colder months ahead like November and December. Its compact dimensions and light weight make it perfect for smaller areas like a bedroom, bathroom, living room, or kitchen. This product would also be ideal for a small patio or balcony, since it is powered by candles and gives off a subtle glow in addition to its warmth, which is perfect for a cozy night in the outdoors.

In terms of aesthetic, Egloo is ideal to have around because it is both functional and rather stylish. It comes in a number of different colors, textures, and finishes like natural, colored, and glazed. Egloo is even enlisting the help of international artists to give it some flair by adding their own painted designs to its dome. This adds an extra layer of customizability, allowing you to really make your Egloo uniquely tailored to your household look.

Egloo is packaged internationally from its manufacturing base in France and it only takes about 2 – 3 business days to ship. At an average price of €60.00 – €70.00 (or about $72 – $85) its portable, reusable design will save you a good amount of money on your electric bill over the course of the year. For those who are seeking a greener energy saving source of heat that won’t drain the bank account, Egloo is the way to go.