The name Sujan Patel rings a bell for most people in this industry. We all know the last name of his infamous cousin Neil Patel (but just in case you have been sleping under a rock for the last couple of years; Neil Patel, QuickSprout) and Sujan himself is the guy behind the former and Connector (now MailShake). You can follow Sujan’s blog here.

Being the guy behind ContentMarketer and Connector / MailShake, Sujan knows a thing or two about email outreach. He decided to share lots of brilliant insights on this very topic with us, in his latest ebook email outreach playbook – and best of all is that it is completely free of charge. Once you are done reading it, you might find yourself ready to sign up for mailshake 🙂 but there are still lots of great takeaways from the email outreach playbook.

Hey everyone,
I’m a big fan of cold email outreach. It’s a great way to start conversations with customers and influencers, and it’s an easy acquisition channel to scale.

However, I get a lot of cold outreach emails from sales & marketing people, and can say from experience that most people are doing it wrong.

That’s why I wrote The Email Outreach Playbook, a 7,000+ word e-book that shows you, step-by-step, how to perform effective email outreach.

In the playbook, I discuss how to:

Find the right person to reach out to
Interact with people before you email them
Write emails and subject lines that get opened and read
Boost reply rates
Send emails at the right times
Also included are 18 templates for different types of outreach, and real examples of good and bad emails to model off of or avoid.

This is the most complete resource on cold email outreach out there today. Check out the article online or click here to download the pdf.

P.S. We’re on Product Hunt today, too (and we’re #1 on ‘books’)!

Sujan Patel

Good stuff! Email Outreach is the new black – everyones talking about it, but few people knows how to go about it in a proper, tried and tested way. I speak from experience when I say that this is dead easy to get wrong! So do yourself a favor – stash the link about, and go through it when the weekend comes around.