Use these plush stuffed round 13-inch yellow pillows on your bed, sofa, chair, under your neck, under your knees, or on your lap as you relax, nap, read, or watch television. The expressive faces will make you smile at each glance you take of them and will improve any bad moods if you happen to need that comfort. These pillows are also fun decorations for any room in your house, on your patio, in a hammock, near the pool, or in the office. 

up your mood with these real world emoji pillows

The material is of high quality cotton and polyester, is super soft to the touch, comfortable, and the filler contains Poly Propylene.

The pillows are durable, odor-free, and are washable so that you don't have to worry about using them on a very frequent basis. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, a full money back guarantee is offered by the sellers.

There are a great variety of these smileys to select from, and there are more invented on a constant basis. The word “emoji” comes from the Japanese words for "picture" and "character."

Extremely popular in electronic messages and web pages, they are usually facial expressions and might include common objects, animals, and places.

Emoji pillow

emoji pillows - more than just a pillow

They originated on mobile phones in Japan in 1999 and became a major part of popular culture worldwide in the 2010s, especially after they began to be added to mobile operating systems. Oxford Dictionaries in 2015 named the emoji “Face with Tears of Joy” the Word of the Year!

These pillows also make excellent gifts for family members, friends, and children of all ages for holidays and any special occasions. They are also perfect door prizes for parties and events and for placing into goodie bags for a child's birthday party take-home favors. They can be a highly appreciated giveaway to customers if you are in a business and want something to hand out as a thank you.

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