A couple of days ago I shared some info on the new email outreach playbook from Sujan Patel – a great read for anyone interested in email outreach.

Now he is back with more news for all his loyal fans; the launch of his new growth mapping podcast, hosted by sujan himself and Aaron Agius who also runs louder.online.

Hey Everyone,

I’m excited to announce the launch of the Growth Mapping Podcast, hosted by me and Aaron Agius, my good friend and the owner of a competing marketing agency 🙂

We’re launching the first three episodes today. Click here to check them out.

We designed this podcast to be a no-BS guide to customer acquisition and growing your business. Each episode is 15 – 25 minutes long, and will cover one topic that will move the needle in your marketing efforts.

Take a listen and shoot me an email with your thoughts or feedback.

P.S. If you like what you hear, we’d really appreciate if you could support us by leaving a review on iTunes.

Sujan Patel

I am just getting ready to go through the first episode titled;

How to Get Backlinks from Some of the Biggest Websites in the World

For now, Sujan and Aaron got a total of three episodes posted, and I am sure we will see lots more, going forward. Good stuff Sujan.