Now that we got our contacts sorted with this new app, let's move on to sheets and documents. For many enterprise organizations, a plethora of custom software suites are built and purchased for them to help streamline and organize the workflow of day-to-day operations. However, we still find ourselves defaulting to a spreadsheet or a document shared among other employees to handle these simple tasks. The problem with this method of solving problems is now you have documents that correlate to spreadsheets, in different locations, with different permissions for different users. Wouldn't it be great to abstract away these headaches? Enter Coda.

erasing the cells between docs and spreadsheets with coda

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Coda points out the glaringly obvious fact that the way spreadsheets and documents are formed haven't changed much in the past 40 years of computers becoming the staple of any enterprise organization. Coda attempts to solve this problem by combining the calculating horsepower of spreadsheets, the simplicity of documents, and the efficacy of an app all into one product. Coda is unique in that it's utility is limited only to the creativity of the user. 

At it's very start, Coda is a simple document with a blinking cursor in the top left corner. As your project, business, or company progresses, you can continue to add more features, all into the same coda project. Some examples are Tasks, Email Updates, Sensors, Packaging, Phone Roster, etc. Coda combines these separate tasks into a one-stop-shop, allowing any collaborators to quickly and easily commit to the growing project. 

Once your infrastructure within Coda reaches a maintainable state, you can truly see the power behind this application. Calendars can be coordinated for meetings, moving deadlines will allow you to see what cascading effects this will incur, and tasks can be delegated all through your establish Coda project. Best of all, this coordination happens all in once place. Coda gives you the free-flow formats of word as well as relational information best tackled by spreadsheets all within the same document.

Coda is currently in beta and you can sign up for an invitation right here. One user in alpha testing described Coda is like "Minecraft for Docs." An open world where you construct the best tools to solve your problems, without having to bend to whatever structure your business decided to spend money on a multi-year license for. Here's to a new age of collaboration and productivity!