Being an investor in the stock market is considered an intimidating venture by many. Maybe you are included in that group. You might have thought about getting involved in trading, but you just don’t know where to start. Goonder is an app that solves your problem by offering beginners all of the tools that they need in order to begin the journey into the market. Best of all, though, the app allows you to practice trading and refine your talents without risking any money at all.

By allowing the user to browse through stocks as if it were a popular dating app, Goonder has transformed the trading of stocks into a task that is as easy as swiping right or swiping left. It is a cinch. If you do not like the stock that is showing on your screen, you can swipe it left. If the stock is one that you would like to invest in, you can swipe it right.

In the real mode, you are given the opportunity to experience the most exciting way to be a true player in the market. First, you are prompted to answer several questions in order to complete your user profile as an investor. This allows you to customize your experience with the app. Next, the app will show you new opportunities to invest on a daily basis. Another page, referred to as the ticketing page, allows you to adjust the number of shares that you own of the current stocks in your portfolio. Also, as you continue buying and selling stocks through the app, you can always peek at your stats in the results section. You can choose whether to view your results from this week, this month, this year, or your entire time using the app.

If you’re a rookie to the stock market, you might be interested in seeing how you would fair as a real investor before losing all of your savings. Before you begin using real dollars, you can sharpen your skills by practicing in a virtual mode. Even without an actual investment, the user experience in this mode is identical to that of the real mode. You can practice in virtual mode as long as you’d like until you are comfortable enough to start taking any actual risks. Also, you can come back to the virtual mode in the future if your techniques need some tweaking.