There are dozens of clever space-saving solutions to make your home look clean, well-organised and classy. It can usually be implemented seamlessly into your home design and furnitures, such as wall bed, chairs and tables that fit into a shelf, staircase made of cupboards, etc. Those designs are cool indeed, but usually are time consuming to make one, or way too expensive in the market.

Made with elegance and simplicity in mind, those furnitures make good use of walls at which you put less attentions on. Similarly on the other hand, the notably upward trend of hand-free selfie case by simply sticking your phone to any wall, can be quite a handy tool when the situations come.

Does not limited to just smartphone cases, somebody just brought the technology to a whole new level by allowing variety of item sticking to different surfaces (wall, glass, metal, mirror, etc), including speaker, camera, water cup and even beer bottle.

Fixate Gel Pad

An anti-gravity malleable and versatile gel pad that allows almost any item (within supported weight) to stick to unfavourable surfaces such as metal, wood, glass, wall, and more.

The stickiness is so strong that even can turn it upside down without dropping the item off.


Started as a Kickstarter campaign, Fixate Gel Pad hits the Kickstarter community like a red hammer, its so red that soon got itself red flagged (suspended) by Kickstarter team at the 14th days of crowdfunding. The reason however is not officially announced, neither from Kickstarter or campaign owner Frosted Concepts, leaving a bunch of backers (3743 backers) in the dark.

The funding process is a success, over the course of funding period from  –  (28 days), which suspended on 3rd August, has already funded $82,074 of pledges far beyond its $3,028 goal. The project was then moved to Indiegogo and got yanked too, unfortunately.

Note: If you are not new from Kickstarter, you probably know that they won’t suspend project easily or frequently unless someone has seriously infringed the terms.

Out of concern of many backers, this project is very similar to a project called Stikk Gel Pad. Also from Australia, Stikk Gel Pad funding campaign from  –  (30 days) and raised $45,114 from 2012 backers.

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Fixate Gel Pad offers strong, durable and high in elasticity. It comes in a small circular pad which can be cut into various shapes to fit into all sort of purpose. And the best part, leaving no residue on the your car and wall. It’s ideal for temporary usage, or permanent replacement for tape and bluetack.

Depends on the texture, type and area of the surfaces, Fixate able to hold up to 1kg (2.2 lb) item. Anything less than that should be a piece of cake. If you would like to stick with heavier item, multiple pads can be used at the same time.

The gel pad is reusable. Simply wash away all the dust and dirt, the get pad stickiness will restore in no time.

If you have difficulty sticking to something, cut or fold the Fixate into a pocket shape, the sky is the limit! Thanks to the elastic-like texture, you can pull and hold your smart devices firmly on any surface while you can sit back to watch the tutorial, take a selfie or video calling hand-free!

One of the most common application is sticking on car dashboard, it’s designed to withstand hot environment (up to 100 °C) and can be removed with ease.

Where to buy

Both gel pads are now available to buy on Stikk Gel Pad for $5.99 and Fixate Gel Pad for $10.99. If you want to buy some, i have put up links below straight to the respective item on Amazon.