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Pullup bars that mount on the frame of your door are very convenient until you have to travel with them. You will realize that amount of tools needed and the assembly required once you have to take it apart and put it back together.

This is why FLEXR, the first foldable pullup bar, came to be. You can simply unrack your pullup bar from your door frame, fold it and then pack it in your luggage. When you get to your hotel, just unfold and latch it onto the door way and work those lat muscles. There is room for varying grips so that you can work your lats and biceps to varying degrees.

Worried about additional travel costs due to added weight in your luggage? FLEXR is made from lightweight (yet durable) materials that only adds 6 pounds of weight to your bag. The bars are made out of bent steel, the latch is aluminum and the door rest is made from molded plastic.