We use internet everyday, and enjoy using it. We entrust our data to big companies/websites that stores our passwords, bank informations, geo locations, documents, identity details and contact list in the world of internet. Did you know that you have no privacy on internet, at all? It is totally up to those internet giants to use your informations, right or wrong. After all, they’re all strangers.

Everyday, more than 230,000 new malware are being released worldwide. On on hand, cyber criminals and professional hackers plotting to hack important information for money, which including the stored files, cookies, IP addresses, history, full responses, keys, everything.

In facts, what you’re doing now can all be recorded and traced, even deleted.

As you may heard of, CloudFlare, the renowned multi-billions internet security companies, who provides internet security services to millions of sites including Uber, Fitbit, OkCupid and 1Password, have been revealed a serious bug that causes leakage of customers’ sensitive datas. With that being said, most of the major website have been attacked multiple times once in a while, making cyber security a huge concern for online companies.

Each years, more and more money spending on cyber crime have worried us with an increasing community awareness. By 2019, an estimated 2 trillions will spend on data breaches according to Forbes. So now you understand how vulnerable you are in the world of internet. And, what can you do to protect your privacy then? Filter it.

Flter: Privacy & Security Router

Flter is an internet security router that protects your privacy on all the devices in your house. To keep you safe from internet’ prying eyes, it provides VPN protection, malicious ad blocking, Tor anonymity and more. Most of the third party security services are fragmented and not cover on multiple devices, making online security a hassle. On the other hand, Flter is on the router level and offering a set-and-forget service for anyone who would love to have accessible internet privacy with a peace of mind.

Flter protects you from bad guys who seeking personal information, including web activity and passwords, and get advantages from selling those information. For some of the devices like gaming consoles and smart TVs, as long as its connecting via WiFi or Ethernet, Flter does the rest for you.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPN is a private network connection over the public internet network that allows authority accessing of private resources, such as an organization’s intranet. Up to a certain extent, we always have something to hide. Whether it’s personal details or as simple as an email address, those are your confidential that shouldn’t be openly access by other people. For example, having access to your email address can learn what you’re doing online, purchase details, changing passwords, work related info, locations, contact, and even sending you whatever i find interesting. And from those information, people can sell you off to hackers, stealing information for advertising purpose, redirect your traffic, fake clicks, and more.

And that’s creepy and frustrating.

Like other softwares, Flter offers enterprise-grading VPN support too, but on a router level. It means the protection will be apply on all the devices under the same network. They provide unlimited bandwidth and peer support in case you have any out-of-hand situations. Speed is another criteria, Flter have servers in over 20 countries to ensure you will always have a satisfying VPN speed. To protect your privacy, the networks are encrypted and they do not keep any logs of your activities. Read more on Flter Privacy Policy. If you already have a VPN service, Flter supports third party’s services too.

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The Onion Router (Tor) Anonymity

Tor is a software for anonymous communication by passing though thousands of relays before reaching the server. In this way, Tor make internet activities almost impossible to trace, here is Mashable explaining Tor in a video.

Via the Flter app, user can choose to enable or disable Tor as an option. It allows accessing to region restricted destination or censored content while keeping your personal details hidden in the crowd.

Ads and Malware Blocking

Flter features a one-button blocking service to all ad networks, malware, harmful website, trackers and telemetry. Make a whitelist for all the trusted sites, or let Flter automatically filters all the suspicious threats such as infected ads for you. If you are a parent, you can also choose to selectively blocking certain sites which you do want want your kids to browse.

How to Set Up / Beginner Guides

Flter pairs with any modem/router that you’re currently using. Simply plug-in to the power and you are all set. For separate Wifi access point, plug Flter into an ethernet-out port of your modem. Learn more on their Kickstarter page (link below).

Via the app, you can then configure the setting for your network such as relay mode for stronger WiFi signal, geolocation browsing, and more.

PowerData Transfer RateWired networkWiFiCoverage
DC 5V/1.2A
300 Mbps
2x 100 Mbps
802.11n 2.4Ghz
900 square feet

Buy and Price

Flter is now offering early bird promotions on Kickstarter, the price is somewhere between $80 – $440. Help to support their campaign by making a pledge while enjoying a big cuts off the retail. Visit the link below to their Kickstarter page to learn more.