stay cool at night with the bFan


We spent one third of our life sleeping, and more during our infancy. Sleeping is crucial to our health as well as daily life, as it rejuvenates the energy, mind and put all the stresses away. Although too much sleep may adverse the effect, but adequate sleep is the key for a better lifestyle. Each person has different demand for sleep, some require 7 hours while the other have to sleep more than 9 to 10 hours. In general however, it’s all about the quality of sleep.

There are 5 stages in a complete sleep cycle, that is stage 1, 2, 3, 4, and REM (rapid eye movement). Each cycle lasts for about 90 to 110 min and repeat again throughout the night. However, most people get disrupted or hardly get into the deep sleep often, especially in a hot summer night. If you always look tired the second day during work, you may want to consider get yourself a sleep monitor to better tracking your sleep.

On the other hand, couple don’t sleep huddled together in bed because of the heat. Air-cooler doesn’t do well inside the thick bed sheet, thus making the sleep quality worse.

bFan is an adjustable bed cooler to circulate air flow inside of your bed sheet. It is an alternative cost- and electricity- saving method instead of air conditioning. To some of you who may have hot flashes or night sweats, bFan is an absolute solution to cool you down while saving your money at best.


For all the beds out there, the neck of this fan is adjustable to fit all beds from 19″ to 37″ tall. bFan saves your electricity bill as much as 50% lower, and most importantly, you can sleep with better air circulation inside of your sheet, mattress and comforter. It has an ultra quiet high performance blower that can be pointing to any direction, outward the bed for example.

This is the improved version of its first version precursor called BedFan.

Why do we need this?

Your body’s generated heat that traps inside of the sheet will make you feel uncomfortable and lead to bad sleeping quality. Naturally, our body releases heat by three simple mechanisms — conduction  (heat from your body to bed), radiation (emission of heat through the air), and evaporation of water (sweat). While bFan is the forth method, a cost-effective solution to hot sleeping.

Studies have shown that sleeping with better air (cool) circulation will give you some health benefits, including weight loss, reduce in insomnia, lower risk of getting metabolic diseases and cancers, and also longer of deep-sleep for better energy restoration.


Market today has a lot of the similar products, one of them called BedJet, which has received lots of positive feedback from Amazon’s customers. Furthermore, it has a modern look as well as an integration to control via smartphone. The price though is much higher than bFan, therefore this product is cost-effective for those who just looking for a cheaper product.

Buy and Price

bFan is now on Kickstarter starts at only $75, and it will be expected to retail at $150. so if you’re interested, you can learn more via the link below to their Kickstarter page.

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mask intrusing sounds with the lectrofan micro

Sleep, the most comfortable word ever heard after a day long of working. Sleeping does not just relax and rejuvenate our body, but also relieve stresses and fatigue in our mind.

Just right before getting into bed, a common bedtime routine of adult, listen to music before sleep. The truth is, listening to calming music lifts your mood and help to sleep better. It frees you mind from disturbance and “tunes” your heartbeat to the music.

For those of you who lives in the urban city may not be able to enjoy the quietness in the town. Noise and disturbances that comes from nowhere always disrupt your sleep, even worse, ruin your sleep. In long term, frequent bad or disturbed sleeps can relate to some medical conditions and make your daytime performance and productivity goes down to the drain.

On the other hand, the other kind of sleep disturbance is inability to sleep, such as insomnia. Instead of zero noise, some may prefer weak sound from fan or air conditioner, or better known as fan sleepers.

Here is a great gadget that produce variety of sounds to help you sleep better.

LectroFan – Micro, Wireless Sound Machine With A Twist


LectroFan Micro is a wireless sound machine that produce variety of fan sounds to help you fall asleep faster. It has 10 unique non-repeat algorithm sounds, including 5 fan sounds, 4 white noise, and one ocean sound. Doubles as a speaker, LectroFan plays your favourite music by syncing to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Each full charge brings you 16 hours of continuous sleep sounds, or 6 hours of audio (music) sound. LectroFan effectively mask up the disturbing noise and gives you a more restful night.

Sounds of Choice

Unlike some other recorded repeating sound device, LectroFan offers a more natural sound system from its algorithm sounds system. So, never sounds the same. Comes with 5 fan sounds for fan sleepers, 4 pure white noises for masking, and 1 oceanic sound for any of your reading or relaxing bull session.

Clearing some awkward moment or talk in privacy, LectroFan produces a perfect background sound that kept your conversation privatised. No matter is talking to your personal doctor, lawyer, friends or family, this little device does all the masking for you.

Design and Features

LectroFan is small and portable. One of the biggest advantage is that, it can be cord or cordless. At home, simply snap it to a USB cable and place it on the nightstand, and enjoy your new peaceful night. At outdoor, slip it into your suitcase or backpack, make every night in the hotel ambience sounds more familiar. Roadwork, city traffic, crying baby, party or weird noises will never disturb you again.

The previous version of LectroFan only allow uni-directional sound (upward). And now, the swivel design offers users to spin or twist to any direction you want for better sounding experience.

LectroFan features an intuitive control analog buttons, stay simple, no more complicated control system. The striking buttons show on/off, play/stop, volume up/down, and next/previous.

HD Speaker

Just like any of your portable wireless speaker, LectroFan is long lasting up to 6 hours of playtime. The hi-fidelity audio is a plus for this device, simply connect to your smartphone and use it for things that you already been doing now such as listening to music, audio book, video calls, etc. The two power options (wired or wireless) is another great selling point for this portable speaker.

LectroFan syncs to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Make sure you charge it full (lasts for 6 hours), so that to enjoy the fun later.

Price, Color and Availability

LectroFan is now available on Amazon, you can check the latest price via the link below to the page. It is currently offered in only white and black colors.

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The Sunrise Smart Pillow Review: Sleep Smart. Wake Naturally

We spent one-third of our life sleeping, but one of the most difficult thing in life is to wake up in the morning. A good sleep can fully restore your energy for hours to come, while an interrupted sleep or waking at the wrong phase can be harmful as no sleep at all. To solve it, we must firstly understand the stages of our sleep phase. A complete sleep cycle consists of 5 stages — 1, 2, 3, 4, and REM (rapid eye movement) whereby each takes about 100 minutes. Throughout the night, you will go through 4 to 5 times sleep cycles and once your body gets enough sleep, it wakes up naturally.

Most of the time, there are many unfavorable factors causes us not able to sleep at the exact time for the cycles to set in. For example, you may need to take care of babies, getting up from the noises, a bad dream, starving, etc. At the end, you woke up (alarm clock) in the middle of the sleep cycles, and your day ruined by your tiredness and poor productivity. On the other hand,lack of sleep affects your health too, it increases blood pressure, weight gain, heart disease, unable to concentrate, and even early mortality.

With today’s technology, there are dozens of solutions that helps to improve sleep quality. Out of those, one has gained, by far, the most attention with lots of positive feedback — FitBit fitness and sleep tracking in one. For 2017 however, here we have a pillow integrated smart sunrise-alarm to wake you up every morning naturally.

The Sunrise Pillow is a smart pillow that wakes you up with light and sound. It features gently glowing lights from red to yellow, and kickstarts your body hormones so that you don’t feel groggy in the morning. Also, it tracks your sleep activity over the week, giving sleep scores, improvement and so on. Not just waking you up, Sunrise Pillow also put you to sleep via various of sounds such as fan sounds, nature sounds, audio books, binaural beats, etc. What’s more, this pillow has white light for reading and blue light to fight fatigue as well as to increase focus.


Sunrise Pillow uses environmental-friendly Tencel fabric (from wood cellulose) to give you a softer and cooler (micro-vented) experience of sleeping. Made of aerated memory form, the pillow offers a maximal comfort with breathable pillowcase. The zipper cover is washable and is hypoallergenic to skin. Without interfering your sleep, the electrical components invisibly integrated into the pillow.

There are two choices of pillow shape — the classic and contour mastermind. Upon purchase, you can choose from which that fit you the most, via the survey.

Remote Control

The system is designed to control by either your iOS or Android device, or uses a provided remote control as an alternative. The controller provides a simple interface to adjust the volume, light and snooze. A hidden pocket in the pillow keeps the controller. Also, the remote control allows you to recharge your smart pillow via a Micro-USB.

Sunrise – The Rising Light

The most nature way is not just wake your brain up, but also to your body as well. You can set it from 5 minutes up to 30 minutes before the time, Sunrise Pillow will simulate a full sunrise effect from red to yellow. You body (eyes) reacts to light and stop producing Melatonin (sleep hormone), therefore you don’t feel tired waking up in the morning. Along with the sounds or music of your choice, you will be able to wake up without feeling sleepy.

Music and Smart Alarm

Sunrise Pillow, doubles as a smart alarm, kickstart your day at the end of the sleep cycle. For a more restful sleep, It detects and track your sleep cycle according to your biological clock and wake you up 15 minute before your set alarm time. For example, you set your alarm time at 7am, but Sunrise Pillow  knows that you will be having a light sleep at 6.40am, so instead of letting you go into deep sleep and wake you up later, it wakes you during light sleep to ensure you will be having a better performance in workplace. At the end, you will receive a sleep score for each day, and you will learn how to sleep better throughout the month.

Tracking and Sleep Score

Via the Smart Pillow mobile app, you will be given a sleep score every day. The pillow detects how constant of your sleep cycle, fluctuation, and knows when you get disturbed. The activity will then shows in an analysis, the score reflects your sleep quality which affected by number of factors including alcohol, stay up late, disturbance, exercise, etc. With that info, you can improve your sleep by making adjustment or follows the recommendations given by the system.

For instance, you’ve got low score for the last Sunday because of hanging out with friend till late night. But you didn’t realise until you noticed that the next few days performance weren’t as good, and you finally check your sleep history via the Sunrise Pillow app. Therefore, making adjustment from that onwards. Also, you can track the history back to months ago, and get any useful data for reference.

Put you to Sleep Fast

Similar to lullaby’s effect, Sunrise Smart Pillow helps you to get into deep sleep too. It uses various of sounds such as binaural beats, fan sounds, sound conditioner, nature sounds, audiobook and guide mediation. Notably, you can select the audiobook of your choice and listen until you fall asleep, once detected, the device will then turn off automatically.

White and Blue Light Technology

Did you know that the color of light may affect your workplace efficiency? Commonly known as warm, natural and white light, the warmer and dimmer the light (2700K – 3000K), the more comfortable and relaxing for resting. Whist the cooler the light (5500K – 6500K), the more productive and helps you to focus on your task, such as reading and writing.

By taking advantages of these, Sunrise Pillow uses an intermediate blue light (clinically proven) to suppress your body production of Melatonin (sleep hormone) and improve your alertness, focus and mood after a lunch break. So, you can take a quick nap, and wake up in full refreshed.

Price and Early Discount Rate

Starts from just $99, early backers can enjoy a huge discount up to 66% off retail. Each Sunrise Pillow is expected to be selling at $299 in future. The amount is limited, if you are interested, feel free to check the availability via the link below to their official Kickstarter campaign page.

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Get Gravity Blanket and get a better sleep

Having a good night sleep is important to physical and mental well-being. As we spent one-third of our lives sleeping, the time is not wasted but to restore most of your lost energy. Many of us underestimated the importance of a restful sleep. It regulates your physiological and psychological state, and reset back to zero again. Therefore, you’ll feel delightful the next morning.

For most of us however, we can’t always get a perfect undisturbed sleep. Disturbances such as noise, stress, medical condition, hangover and insomnia lead us to a bad quality sleep. And a bad sleep does not just interrupting your life, but also affects your productivity and emotions.


Gravity is a weighted blanket designed at about 10% of your body weight. According to the research studies that have been done, a weighted heavier blanket makes you sleep better, more relaxing and get into deep sleep quicker. Many have experienced some phenomenal improvement after using this blanket. If you are the one who always have trouble sleeping, try this.

There’s no magic about this blanket, just science.

Cozy material

Gravity Blanket is weighted with high density poly-pellets, which made of high density polyethylene, a non-toxic and durable fillings that suitable for kid and pet use. It results in an evenly distribution of grid-pattern pressure across your body, and you will feel like someone hugging over you.

“Protected” or “shielded”, by some.

Covered by premium grade ultra-soft micro plush fleece, the outer cover is removable and washable. Unzipping to the inner, which made of 100% cotton, the inner dense shell is soft compressible layer of fabric. Also, it uses breathable material for a cooler experience.

“It’s like Advil PM for your whole body.”

The science

There’re numbers of research studies have proved the effects of weighted blanket, studies such as positive effects of weighted blankets on insomnia, weighted blankets and sleep in autistic children, deep sleep stimulation with weighted blanket, and more.

In overall, weighted blanket reduces stress, anxiety, and promoting deep relaxation. Simulating being hugged, it puts your nerves in rest and stimulates the secretion of serotonin and melatonin — the hormones that regulate sleep and mood. At the same time, reduces cortisol (the stress hormone) level and hasten the entering of REM sleep cycle.

In similar manner, hospital and nursing home use weighted blanket for patients too.

Also on Forbes — Weighted Blanket Can Help More Than Just Sleep Problems.

Choose your Gravity Weighted Blanket

100 – 150 lbs — 15 lbs.
150 – 200 lbs — 20 lbs.
200+ lbs — 25 lbs.

There are 3 options of Gravity blanket. Depends on your weight, you can choose the weighted blanket in between 7% – 12% of your body weight.

Price and discount

Gravity weighted blanket is now available for just $169. Each blanket is expected to retail for $279, under this campaign you can save up to 53% off future retail price. Amount is limited, check the link below to their official Kickstarter campaign and get hugged.

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Get fully recovered with Allevi8’s Recovery Bedding

A UK-based company called Allevi8 recently brought their line of innovative bedding to Kickstarter. The company is calling their invention Recovery Bedding, and it is designed to help your body rejuvenate while you sleep.

Allevi8 has infused their Recovery Bedding with a nano-coated titanium mineral composition that takes the natural energy that your body emits while you sleep, and reflects it back in the form of FAR infrared rays. The FAR infrared rays increase your body’s natural energy stores throughout the night as you are sleeping.

Studies indicate that benefits of FAR infrared include increased blood flow, improved circulation, and quicker recovery time. People who have tried Allevi8’s Recovery Bedding tell us that their concentration has improved, and that they suffer from fewer aches and pains since they switched to this innovative linen.

Because the Recovery Bedding offers so many benefits to sleepers, Allevi8 believes that their product would be great for athletes, gym enthusiasts, individuals who are in a stressful work environment, or just anybody who wants to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Allevi8’s product range currently includes a quilted mattress cover and a matching quilted pillowcase. The Recovery Bedding line is available in mattress sizes ranging from single to super king.

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make your snoring partner silent with Silent Partner

Are you losing sleep from your spouse’s loud snoring at night? Transform your slumber with the Silent Partner. When worn, the device uses ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) technology to create a zone of quiet around a person’s head.

It works by detecting the frequency of the noise emitted and responds in real time with the inverse, lowering the level of noise by about 9 decibels. This is effective from as close as 20 centimeters away, assuring a quiet evening for your partner.

And using it is as easy as attaching it to the bridge of your nose, hitting a switch, and going to bed. Even if your partner shifts a lot, the adhesive strips will keep the Silent Partner in position.

The strips need to be replaced once a month, and yours will come with a year’s supply. When not in use, it charges in 3 hours with a micro usb port.

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Looking for a new bed? Try the Floyd Platform Bed

It can be hard finding a good bed frame when moving into a new apartment. If you don’t want to break the bank, you’re often forced to settle for low-quality junk, but if you want to sleep on quality, you’ll have to shell out nearly a month’s rent. This is the conundrum that birthed the Floyd Platform Bed.

The Floyd Platform Bed is designed for small living spaces for people on a budget. With easy three-piece assembly, you can have a sturdy platform to lay a mattress across in just minutes. You don’t even need tools in order to assemble it.

There’s even a degree of customization available, with either white or black colored steel supports to complement the birch panels that make up the surface of the platform.

Built to last, the three-ply panels used to make the platform feature an interior honeycomb design to make them both strong and flexible. Combined with the 11-gauge cold-rolled steel supports and a support strap to hold things together, the platform can support most mattresses and people without issue.

The Floyd Platform Bed is available in three sizes: Twin ($435), queen ($495), and king ($625). US shipping only.

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Wake Up Ready to Seize the Day with Sleep Tracker

Sleep Better App

Stop dragging through your days and start dancing in the streets with Sleep Tracker. This revolutionary, comprehensive sleep recording tool will help you get the shut eye you need to look and feel your best.

This app is so much more than a timer or alarm. Use it to learn your individual sleep patterns. Once this marvel has determined how long you have been tossing, turning, and waking up unrefreshed, use the on-board Smart Alarm to get just the right amount of sleep.

Jettison your health to a new level by storing long term patterns and sharing them with your healthcare provider. Make your health and other dreams come true by remembering the in the integral dream diary. This terrific tool works unobtrusively within your existing phone even when it’s in airplane mode. Remember, the secret to a better life is a good night’s sleep. Sleep Tracker will help you create the life you’ve dreamed of and feel great while doing so.

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Medcline – the modern neck pillow


There are a lot of apps and gadgets to help improve your sleep, such as dreamlight and sleep better. Today, I will cover a new gadget, Medcline, that will improve your sleep, battle nighttime GERD, has raving reviews, and a money back guarantee. What’s not to like? Read on for all the details.

It’s late. You’ve had a long, exhausting day. You grab something quick to eat and head to bed. Just as you fall asleep, something wakes you. You feel invaded and helpless because you can’t get rid of this intruder. GERD, short for Gastroesophageal reflux disease, which causes a burning sensation in your chest (heartburn), chest pain, difficulty swalloing and a general disrupted sleep. Does this sound familiar?

If you’ve suffered from this condition like countless others have, you’ll understand the need for this awesome new gadget which is called Medcline.

Medcline Pillow – Your personal sleep assistant

Medcline is not only a top-rated product, but offers an amazing 100 nights money back guarantee. The results from this neck pillow is backed by 5 clinical trials, proving that this Acid Reflux fighting marvel is far superior to the long standing recommendations of physicians around the world.

Designed by a physician himself, Dr. Melcher who was another sufferer of this elusive sleep predator. He understood the need for this , and also understood that sleep is by far, one of the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

Medcline is easy to use and can be setup in just a couple minutes without the need to change or modify your bed. Lay down knowing you have the perfect incline and side sleeping positions and drift off with confidence because GERD doesn’t stand a chance. If you’re tired of sleeping on your side and your arm falling asleep, well, say good-bye to that all-to-familiar numbing of the arm. The pressure of your lower arm and shoulder is gone, keeping you from sliding down like with traditional wedges. Find comfort and relief as soon as your first night with Medcline and let your body get to know and get used to, over time, the wonders of a great night sleep.

We all know someone who suffers from Acid Reflux/GERD or suffer from it ourselves and the most important and long-term benefit with using Medcline is the acid-free protection that it delivers to your esophagus and to your over-all health.

You can sleep better knowing that your very own, Sleep assistant is on the job. Users see results like: over-all better sleep quality, reduction in night-time heartburn, far less regurgitation, less acid exposure to your esophagus and the over-all quality of life is improved, because with better sleep, you wake refreshed and have more energy to tackle your day.

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Dreamlight sleep mask

Get dreamlight for the perfect sleep

After a long day of learning about push notifications, building websites and killing germs, nothing is more attractive than a good night sleep. If the Sleep Better app if your kind of tool, you should stick around and read more on today’s gadget; Dreamlight Sleep Mask.

Imagine being able to use a comfortable and unique sleep mask that lulls you into a deep and healthy slumber with nature sounds, soothing internal orange lights that induce sleep and feature the 4-7-8 relaxation breathing technique, and green lights that induce wakefulness.
The brand new Dreamlight is just now being introduced and is different from any other sleep helper on the market. You can also analyze and track your sleep patterns each time you use it with an app that links your gene profile so that you can receive your sleep schedule tailored to you personally.

You can easily charge the Dreamlight for as much as eight hours including when you travel and have to re-set your sleep schedule and combat jetlag.

It has been proven that the deep and fulfilling Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep combats fatigue and stress. REM is a unique sleep phase distinguished by the side-to-side rapid and random eye movement of closed eyes accompanied by low muscle tone through the body. This gives the sleeper the ability to have vivid and intense dreams because the brain is more active.

Dreams are ideas, images, sensations, and emotions that occur in the mind involuntarily while we sleep. The dreams can last from a few seconds to as long as 20 minutes, and the average person three to five dreams or more each night since dreams occupy an average total of about two hours in a normal night.

REM sleep happens in cycles that last approximately 90 to 120 minutes and go on through the night. It dominates the sleep period’s latter half and especially the hours before waking. It accounts for as much as 20 to 25 percent of the total sleep time in in adults. The phenomenon can be monitored and measured by the technique of electrooculography (EOG).

Verdict on Dreamlight

In short, I am in love! I love the idea of the product and the actual execution is just perfect! One thing I am missing here, is some lucid dreaming feature; if dreamlight could ping me in REM to let me get on with some reality checks, that would make me give this beat a 10 out of 10! Food for thoguhts, Dreamlight team.

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Nightly – An App Designed For Healthier Sleep

Nightly is a research-backed iOS and Android app that’s designed to help you get a better night’s sleep. The app combines over 25 years of scientific research into human sleeping patterns with an advanced algorithm to help you reduce unwanted wake-ups and limit bad dreams while sleeping.

Researchers believe that up to 30% of the world’s population experiences some form of insomnia, which prevents a restful night’s sleep. Nightly can improve the quality and length of your sleep by up to 35% by gently playing sounds before bedtime. Users watch a short video that is designed to be soothing and facilitate relaxation before choosing an alarm time.

Instead of waking you up at precisely the time you choose for this alarm, Nightly’s algorithms will analyze your sleep patterns and select a time closest to your alarm that will result in you waking during the lightest cycle of your sleep period for a refreshed feeling every morning. Most morning grogginess occurs after waking directly from the deep sleep cycle.

Nightly’s algorithms also analyze your sleep patterns to reduce the number of times you experience wake-ups during the night. The algorithm achieves this by playing calming sounds at specific moments. Researchers have suggested that this function can also help prevent bad dreams from invading your sleep time, which can result in a tense and restless sleep.

Every morning Nightly provides a summary of your previous night’s sleep so you can get better insights into your sleeping habits and see whether or not the app is making a difference in how you feel when you wake up. It doesn’t require a WiFi connection and works in Airplane mode, so you don’t have to worry about it draining your battery overnight, either.

The app is available for free with a 14-day trial, but if you want to keep using it after the trial period expires, you’ll have to pay $4.99 monthly or $35.99 per year if you’d prefer to make one up-front payment.

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