With the popularity of cryptocurrencies growing, it can be hard to keep track of all the news and movements surrounding these fast-moving commodities. Cryptoyum is the easiest way to keep track of all your favorite cryptocurrencies by showing you the headlines in an easy-to-read list format.

Just clicking on any article title will open the article on that page for you to read, so you don’t even have to leave the Cryptoyum site to stay up-to-date with your favorite cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies Supported

* Bitcoin
* Ethereum
* Ripple
* Bitcoin Cash
* Litecoin
* Cardano
* Neo
* Stellar

Cryptoyum continually monitors the most popular cryptocurrencies and adds support for them as they become viable means of trading assets. You can also filter the news based on the cryptocurrency you’re most interested in, so if you’re deeply embedded in the Ethereum market, you can opt to see only stories that are related to ETH.

Cryptoyum also supports the social aspect of cryptocurrencies, tracking the headlines that appear in subreddits related to specific cryptocurrencies. You can keep track of these headlines by switching the feed from News to Social. This feature can also be limited by the cryptocurrencies that you’re interested in following.

What about the sources?

Because Cryptoyum is a news aggregator, there are a wide variety of sources included on the site. Enthusiast favorite sites like Cointelegraph, Bitcoinist, Forbes, and The Merkle are included. This inclusion of multiple sources helps crypto enthusiasts keep tabs on several different sources at once without having to go mining for news surrounding their favorite altcoins.

The only downside of Cryptoyum is that there is currently no comment system built into the site, so you can only use it as a news aggregator for what’s going on in the world of cryptocurrencies. If you want to have a discussion about relevant news topics, you’ll have to turn to Reddit or another forum outlet for other crypto-enthusiasts.

However, Cryptoyum’s bare-bones article presentation and the ability to read the articles without leaving the site make it one of the most reliable news tickers for cryptocurrency lovers. You can see how frequently other Cryptoyum users have clicked on headlines before you decide to read them so you can know what’s important to the community through trending topics.