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With more and more people taking up videography and editing professionally and on amateur levels, being prepared for that perfect moment has become vital. You can now say goodbye to dead batteries and limited storage by using the GNARBOX.

This portable backup and editing system takes away all of the pains associated with filming and editing. This is no gimmick though; four to six hours of battery life for a device of this capability is incredible. The GNARBOX includes an SD, micro SD, and USB 3.0 slots and 128 GB of flash storage which enables you to instantly backup all of those important clips and photos.

With an upload rate of 4GB per minute, you can efficiently upload your media to the GNARBOX while getting ready for the next part of your project. One notable feature of this machine is that it can handle 4K video and photographs without chopping any quality whatsoever. If you’re wondering what it works with, the GNARBOX is compatible with any DSLR, action camera, or drone.

Aside from being able to store and preserve your clips, the GNARBOX can be used as a portable editing station through the help of your smartphone. After downloading the application, you can wirelessly project your stored data onto your phone and begin the editing process. The app offers all standard editing tools but also includes color correction for photos, and the ability to use clips with high frame rates such as 60fps or above.