In most of the history of the internet, there is only two ways to monetize your website content: putting it behind a paywall and ads. Adblocking software is being adopted at an unprecedented rate because users are sick and tired of having their attention being aggressively vied for by whatever google ad services think best fits your customized user profile. Placing your content behind a paywall isn’t always the best answer either because users will just search for similar content that doesn’t require a subscription to use. What if there was a way to monetize your content without forcing ads into your sidebars? This is the solution Inwemo has developed.

Do your part in ridding the web of ads and check out Inwemo here

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Distributed computing has existed for the majority of computer history. An example that co-founder Daniel Wirtz gives in his company’s mission statement is the Search for ExtraTerristrial Intelligence at home project. You can download a simple software suite and crunch some numbers while your computer is idle to help find intelligent life beyond our planet. With the advent of cryptocurrencies, this idle CPU time can now be used to verify transactions for a small pay out of a cryptocurrency of your choosing. User devices are becoming more and more powerful every year which leaves a lot of room left for a device simply displaying static web content to do other tasks. This is where Inwemo comes in.

Inwemo allows your website to task your user’s device mine Monero, a cryptocurrency, while the owner is viewing your content. Inwemo asks for the user’s consent to use the displaying device for this task, which is arguably more ethical than using ads, as no one consented to view ads when they originally viewed your website. The user’s time spent on your website is used to verify transactions and mine Monero, resulting in a streamlined, monetized website. Every day per user visiting your website translates to about $1.19USD payout, depending on the current exchange rate of Monero. There are no downloads required by the user, simply clicking the “I accept” button begins monetizing your visitor’s computing time and resources. Your visitor can now support your website even while using an adblocker.

If you own a website and want to appease your visitors by removing ads and using a different method of keeping your servers running, Inwemo is a great solution. Do your part in ridding the web of ads and check out Inwemo here.