The “AR” in Google ARCore stands for augmented reality. Google continues to push boundaries and extend the limits of technology by seamlessly blending the digital and physical with this new, convenient product.

So, what is Google ARCore really and why should you be interested? Google ARCore is a platform that Android users can use in order to build augmented reality experiences using apps. Google ARCore utilizes cutting-edge technology to turn your phone’s camera into an intelligent interpreter of the environment.

Google ARCore specifically runs on three different pieces of technology: light estimation, motion tracking, and environmental understanding. This last one, environmental understanding, might be the most crucial since it underlies so much of what Google ARCore is able to accomplish.

Environmental understanding in this context means that Google ARCore is able to ascertain the size and precise location of objects in the environment. Before Google ARCore came along AR technology had a difficult time distinguishing horizontal surfaces, but Google ARCore solves that issue.

You can use Google ARCore with your Samsung Galaxy S8 as well as Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL. Google ARCore tracks your environment over time and overlays an astoundingly real augmented reality filter over it.