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It’s never fun to have to clean grout. Those tiny crevices almost seem made to collect as much dirt, scum, and gunk as possible. And the worst part is, you’ve always got to get down on your hands and knees, scrubbing as hard as possible just to make any progress at all.

That is, if you’re still trying to clean the old fashioned way. Introducing the Grout Gator, your saving grace when it comes to cleaning grout in and around your home both inside and out. The Grout Gator is designed with the sole job of scrubbing away at the gunk that builds up along grout no matter how big or small your tiles might be.

Made to adjust to any job, the Grout Gator’s durable and stiff brush heads can be moved back and forth along the slide, perfect for cleaning in between tiles anywhere from 2 to 13 inches in size. You can even buy replacement or additional brush heads, sliding on several at a time to maximize your cleaning potential on many different tiles at once.

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For hard to reach jobs, like scrubbing behind things or on the walls and ceiling, you can attach the telescopic Extension Pole to the end of the Grout Gator, giving you an extra few feet of reach so you don’t need to stretch. It can even work for floors, too, eliminating the need for bending over and straining your back.

There’s a reason the Grout Gator won Sanitary Maintenance Magazine’s Distributor Choice Award in both 2014 and 2015, plus the 2014 International Housewares Association’s Top 5 Finalist Award for Best New Cleaning Product. Don’t be shy. Go ahead and purchase one for yourself to get a first hand look at what the Grout Gator can do for you. You’ll learn pretty quick that those accolades aren’t just for show.