For the outdoor lover in all of us, the Lulabop Hero Clip carabiner is a must have for any camping trip or nature excursion. The Hero Clip isn’t like a normal carabiner, as its solid, strong construction, versatility, and sleekness outmatch what you’d typically find by miles.

The best feature of the Hero Clip is the variety of tasks it can accomplish. Rather than being just a simple carabiner, the Hero Clip is attached to a specially designed rotating and folding hook to allow for the option to hang or hold onto things and places you can’t clip to. Made entirely of aluminum and fitted with a rubber overmold grip, it can hold onto almost any surface securely and support up to 50 pounds at a time.

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Outside of that, the Hero Clip is just an effective carabiner made with the highest grade materials. Like the hook, it’s constructed of solid aluminum for extreme durability. The fastening clasp, as well, can stand up to whatever life throws at it for a secure grasp on your things.

Hero Clip is the perfect tool to hang your gear; Campers, travelers, and hikers, basically anyone who needs to hand up their gear and keep it handy.

I have personally been using the Hero Clip for a while now, and I gotta say, I love it. With two kids and everything they bring the kindergarden, the hero clip is a perfect addition to our baby carriage. There is no limit to the ways you can use this awesome gadget. Get yourself one here.