If you have ever been to winter country, you will know how hard to brace yourself in a bitterly cold temperature. A barren of white land may seem beautiful and relaxing, but it actually can be deadly and lifeless. To survive in the frigid climate, clothing is the most important insulation gear you will ever need to trap the heat inside of your body.

Your body might shiver and get frostbite if you stay outside for too long. Frostbite is a common injury caused by freezing, your fingers and toes are naturally more prone to the frostbite due to its further away from warm blood pumping. Also, hypothermia is another medical condition whereby victim’s temperature drops low and lead to unconsciousness or even death.

Despite the risk, some people still love adventurous outdoor activities such as swimming in the frosty water, mountains climbing, camping, etc. So, how to keep warm in winter clothes? Recent years, people are making cozy electric heated jackets, pants and hoodie, which are good to keep warm but the cons sides are usually too heavy, bulky battery set, short battery working hours, too expensive, only to specific part of the body, or simply does not insulate well.

Thus, here we have came across a wearable heating modular to keep your body warm even in the most extreme environment.


HEAT-O is a set of battery-assisted heating modules pads that can be wore on your body under any shirt, shoes or gloves. Unlike jackets or hoodies, it allows heating up of your vital body parts that are vulnerable to freezing bites such as your feet, hands, back, chest, arm, abdominal area, or wherever you like.

The whole system is fully water proof (submersible) in water, and you can sit, lie, or sleep on it during the time when you need it the most. To combat the cold, HEAT-O is for everyone who involves in all sort of cold activities, play or work.


Comes with an LED display spinner controller, where you can wirelessly configure and control all eight heating elements intuitively. HEAT-O mobile apps is available to download for free, you can then control with your smartphone or smartwatch via the bluetooth 4.0.

For diver, it is water-proof and provides resistant up to 100 meters underwater. O-Remote can be install on any place of your choice. For charging, it offers a place-and-forget wireless charging by simply putting the O-Remote on top of the charger. It’s fine if you do not want to use O-remote at all, the battery case itself has built with control buttons on it, a well-thought design!

In a single full charge, O-remote can work for you up to 40 hours.


Here comes to the essential part, the battery. There are 3 types of battery — HEAT-O Core, HEAT-O Dive and HEAT-O Lite. All batteries, connectors, and controllers IP 68 (1.5m maximum underwater depth for up to 30min) are water proof, and is durable made to withstand strong impact.

The cool part, HEAT-O Core and HEAT-O Dive are long lasting batteries with operating time up to 15 hours. This is very helpful to some people who spends most of the time in the bitterly cold outdoor. For charging, HEAT-O drive is compatible with lighter socket and battery clamp on your car, water jet or motorbike. It takes about 1.5 hours to fully charge the battery.

HEAT-O Lite, as its name suggest, is a smaller version for less demanding user. It is lighter in weight and has an overall functioning time of 5 hours.

Unlike others big and bulky solid batteries, these batteries are made by polyurethane which provides good shock-resistant and flexibility. It can bend to fit your body in any occasion such as climbing. In auto mode, HEAT-O can consistently provides a range of temperature between 15°C to 40°C (from 59°F to 104°F). All batteries have control buttons on its case, where you can use it to control the temperature without controller.

Heating Modular

In oppose to heated clothing, the modular is a set of adjustable heating pads connecting by insulated cords. Designed to place close to your body, mount the pads over any part of your body, upper or lower, and enjoy the warmness in the cold.

Made by carbon fiber, It is thin and comfortable without obstructing your body movement. In addition, HEAT-O modular is sweat/water-proof too, you can use it in the water for all underwater related activities.

With the modular system, it makes all your gears and dress code thermo-active.


The charger is a square unit of about half-a-size of the HEAT-O Core. It has an electric input port, battery port, and two additional USB ports for your electronic devices. With the inductive wireless charging implemented, you can charge the O-Remote or any of your Qi-enabled devices wirelessly.

Additionally, it supports two charging in one time.

Promotion, warranty and Return

HEAT-O is currently only available on Kickstarter. If you are interested to their project, feel free to support them by making a pledge to any promo packages. To learn more, there is a link below straight to their Kickstarter campaign.

Starting from $61, you will be able to get a HEAT-O Lite under their early bird promotion and enjoy a big cut from their future retail price ($106).

They are confident in their product, and willing to give a 3-years warranty plus 14 days of return if you are not satisfy their product in any way. Also, for certain packages, you may get a LED bag and scarf as part of the reward.

Custom Made

Upon purchase, you will need to provide your details (Gender, height and weight) in a survey and they will send you the custom size HEAT-O just for you.

Bottom line

HEAT-O is quite a cool invention in a way that very different from conventional heated clothing. Created by a team of 3 guys from UK, their system may not for everyone, but for the right one. The overall explanation on their product and performance is pretty good and satisfactory.

For product part, first off, i must say that their price is very affordable and reasonable. In terms of functionality, it features total water proof, custom heating to nearly all part of your body, and does not limit to just certain clothing like heated jacket does.