Somebody says music is the strongest form of magic, it makes a despair person slightly positive, a happy person happier, and a sad one able to find their frame of mind. Since we were born, music are literally everywhere. Musicians that connects our souls turned out to be one of the highest paid job in America.

Since 90s, along with the industrial revolution, the way we listen to music are no longer restricted to a bulky table-top cassettes/tapes players anymore. The advancement on telecommunication technology stimulates to produce a better pair of listening devices such as headphones and earphones (or earbuds).

As in today, people are wearing earphones as part of their daily routine. The Apple Inc. is long known as a cutting edge technology company, has recently produced the brand new AirPods (a complete wireless earbuds) for their latest iPhone 7 series.

Earbuds hurt my ears

Since we all grew up to have a unique pairs of ears, some old issues may still be remain unsolved. For example, different sizes for male and female, the painfulness after a prolonged use or the bad sound isolation due to one-size-fits-all method. Although to a certain extent, bad isolation could help us better aware of our surroundings, but in overall, it downgrades the audios quality significantly.

Revols Earphones Review

Noteworthy to the topic, a company called Revols from Canada has launched a Kickstarter campaign on  –  (60 days). It successfully funded a staggering 2.5 million dollars from its $100,000 goal, becomes #1 crowdfunding campaign of Canada. It received a number of awards, accolades and mentions from many big branded sites, such as Cnet, Business Insider, TechCrunch and more.

Partner with world-renow Japanese cooperation Onkyo for audio technology, Revols featuring a sixty seconds on app auto-molding process (by you) wireless earphones that build the custom-fit earpieces for your ears.

Boy Gadgets loves the idea. If you are interested too, you may get your hands on Revols at the price of $235. Learn more via the link above to their website.

HelloEar Arc Review

HelloEar Arc is a customisable hi-fi audio earphones made for your ears. Partner with Tsinghua University, they conducted extensive research on thousand of ears and record them as human ear database. With their patented Airbag and Z-lock design, they focus on long hours comfort snug-fit earpieces without falling off or hurting your ears throughout the day.

They required users to take a picture of ear alongside a small coin, within weeks, they will deliver an earphone designed just for you. Interchange the modules for wired or wireless listening experience that suit you the most.


The idea was started in 2013 by Chen Yu and Wei Zhou whose both took their master degree in Microelectronics. Soon later, they founded their company in China on April 2014 and partner with Tsinghua University to establish the first human ear database. During the comprehensive research, they examined thousands of ears and narrow down the standard to 36 kinds out of all 560 possible ear shapes. After years of experimenting and prototyping, they have finally launched their product on on November 2016.


HelloEar Arc Earphone is made by medical grade silica. Designed for sport uses, the flexible structure follows your movement and bend accordingly, while the ergonomic design maintains a high level of comfort with no frustrating drops-off.

The earphone is sweat proof. In contrast to conventional moving coil system, Arc works with Denmark Sonion to delivers a satisfying deep rich bass and wider frequency crystal clear sounds from its in-built armature speaker.

To compete in wireless trend, HelloEar offers an adaptable modules design that allows user to switch between universal 3.5 mm audio jack to bluetooth at wish. Using the module component parts also have the advantage upon future upgrade whereby users just have to change the old parts instead of buying a new set.

Since our ears stop growing at the age of 10, simply snap a parallel picture of your ear next to a coin (see image), HelloEar’s ear recognition algorithm will measure and calculate the appropriate earphones that tailored specifically for you. If the earphones does not fit you for some reason, HelloEar will re-verify and send you a whole new set at no extra cost.

Where to buy

It’s currently only available on You can back their project under their limited early bird promotion packages for just $69, where enjoying a 54% off retail price. Depends on the package, you are expected to get — 1 pair of Arc bluetooth earphone, 1 earphone cable, 1 charging cable, 1 earphone case.

Click the link below to learn more.