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Nothing says “vintage style” like old suitcases that were made before the 1960s. Back in those days, luggage was handmade by craftsmen who took pride in the quality of their work. Luggage from that era looks every bit as beautiful today as it did back then. Now, a company called The HiFi Case is reconditioning old suitcases and repurposing them into ultra-cool, portable speakers.

Old-school Retro with Modern Features

The HiFi Case collection can be summed up in one word: awesome! Ranging in size from hatbox to steamer trunk, The HiFi Case team will turn an old beat-up suitcase into a rechargeable, bluetooth-enabled speaker that you can move anywhere you like. The folks at The HiFi Case pay close attention to every detail when building the speakers. They even do their best to preserve stickers the previous owner might have collected during their travels to give the end product an even more unique touch.

These high quality products will be a huge conversation piece at every party or get-together. Guests will simply be in awe of the HiFi Case’s concept and design. In addition, the speakers sound great and can be located anywhere you need them to be. The newest models come with a high quality 18650 lithium ion battery, and a single charge will last about 10 hours depending upon volume of playback. A Tenergy battery charger is included.

The folks at The HiFi Case also do custom orders, so if you want to supply your own suitcase or if you want to incorporate a speaker into something other than a suitcase, they can also do that. No matter which avenue you take, having one of these cases in your man cave or recreation room will definitely increase the “cool factor” by 150 percent.