Distraction is one of the leading cause of car accident. Fatigues, alcohol, look away, changing radio station or talking to someone in the backseat you mean? Partly correct, but the majority is due to smartphone. Most of us have experienced in using phone while driving, no matter is picking up a phone call, texting your friends, tweeting, or checking GPS.

Even for a split second of distraction, you might bump into another car that you have no ideas where to come from. Plus, the risk increases drastically in poor visibility condition such as foggy, rains or darkness. In most cases, live the rest of your life in regret.

People are nevertheless aware of distracted driving, but how can we get the information we want such as GPS readouts or checking the dashboard while staying totally focus on the road?

What is Head-Up Display (HUD)

Although we have no absolute way to ensure driving in focus, there is a modern soon-to-be vital technology that has the potential to revolutionize the automotive industries by solving this safety-related issue.

It’s called Head-up Display, also known as HUD, is widely used in aircraft to minimise distraction and make sure pilot doesn’t need to look away or refocus, by displaying large amount of information on a transparent screen. In vehicles, you may expected to see an on-screen speedometer, direction, accelerometer sensor, etc.

As we recently have done a similar review for the best-in-class HUD previously, it even has a lot more pack of features including gestures, voice recognition, texting, picking up calls and more.

Like people might think straight out of science fiction movies, in reality, it really is. Thanks to the salesman who keep trying to offer you the add-on to your package, you might have seen some of the luxury car that had HUD integrated, and i believed that nothing beat the factory-installed features.

The on-board computer integration onto the windshield indeed gives you high quality of HUD, but pricy too. As more and more new luxury car manufactured with HUDs (4% of total car currently), some of the cars like Mercedes-Benz C-Class C300 and Lexus RX 350 have interior HUD as an option, while others may require thousand of dollars.


Hudway Glass

Produced by Hudway LLC, Hudway Glass is an affordable aftermarket head-up display (HUD) for any car model. It contains no electrical component, together with your smartphone, it brings you the futuristic display right before your eyes. Hudway Glass is patent-pending, it built specifically to provide high visibility display without disturbing your field of vision.

In contrast to other HUDs in the market, which may cost up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars, Hudway Glass is a much inexpensive HUD for everyone.


The company Hudway founded in 2013 by Alex Ostanin and his cousin Ivan Klabukov. Started with their flagship navigation app, Hudway App, an augmented reality that projects driving direction directly onto the windscreen even in low visibility condition. In 2015, Hudway has launched a new project called Hudway Glass which later pledged by 9095 backers in just 31 days (from 8 Oct 2015 to 8 Nov 2015), is a huge success with an overwhelming responses of $622,785 raised on Kickstarter community. Hudway Glass is available to purchase since August 2016.


The glass, or plastic lens, is light in weight but hard to break. In order to fit most car, Hudway came out with two mounts, adjustable and compact, for users to adjust accordingly to suit the aspect of different cars. Adjustable mount allows to till for about 30°, while compact mount gives a static low-profile attaching 5mm above the dash.

To prevent phone sliding off from the dash while driving, the cradle has built with magnets, which also allows user to take off or put on effortlessly.

Not just credited to its intuitive design, Hudway Glass offers a clear and bright display that has aspherical shape contributing 20% larger display image with no distortion. It works with any smartphone that has HUD-mode app downloaded, simply place your smartphone on the accessory cradle and you are ready to drive safe.

For better experience, the smartphone need to have more than 90% of their screen size caught by Hudway Glass. Hudway recommends any smartphone-case combo to have less than  300-350 g (10-12 oz) as the general standard.

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Generally, Hudway glass works on any mobile apps that support HUD mode. You may notice that, unlike other HUDs, Hudway features only the important objects such as large arrows, figures and lanes. That is because if the sunshine during daylight hours is too strong, the resolution will significantly reduced as some of the smaller detail might be hard to discern. For better visibility, users can adjust the phone brightness, glass angles or try a new app that offers green UI elements.

Hudway Glass serves like a mirror to reflect your smartphone display onto the screen, in such a way that it doesn’t go reversed. HUD-mode in some phone apps are meant to have supporting the reversing compatibility.

To keep you eyes on the road, Hudway Glass has a semi-transparent display for clearer road vision. With the help of Hudway App, which will show you the ideal reflection of information such as simple navigation, speedometer, and speed camera. The app is available for free on App Store and Android Google Play. You can even watch videos/movies with it.

Hudway App

If you have tried the free Hudway App, you can also get a subscription-based paid version of Hudway Pro or Hudway Glass app. The paid version has features like compass, road view customisation and voice assistant to provide you a better futuristic experience with Hudway’s product. Designed for everyone, the prices are quite reasonable too, you can choose to have 1-year subscription for €2.99 (3.11 USD) or lifetime subscription for just  €8.99 (9.36 USD).

How to buy

Out of package, you will get a flat puck, adjustable mount, pouch, and lifetime promo code for their apps. If you are interested, Hudway Glass is now available on Hudway website and Amazon for $79.95. Visit the link below to learn more.

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