Human body is designed to move around and exercise frequently which otherwise will tend to get sick. Likewise, pet animals also need to have some constant outdoor activities too, such as fetching game for dog to make them healthier and happier. But to most owners, who especially has 9 to 5 job, usually are too busy to always keep an eyes on their dog even on weekend. Thus, domestics dogs spent most of their time waiting for owners come home.

Fetching game

Once in a while, they might even exhibit a little bit of over-excitement if you bring them outside for some funs. Dogs love to interact with their owners, they go crazy on fetching game, whatever you threw, tennis balls, discs or Frisbee, you can see your furies babies leap high off the ground to catch it in pure joy.


Hurrik9 is the coolest dog toy that you and your dog will surely fall in love with. Like a slingshot, It is a ring launcher that is able to shoot more than 100 feet away while maintaining a maximum mid-air floating time. The idea is rotating of the ring make it to stay afloat longer and seemingly defying gravity. You cant really throw a tennis ball that far, can you? even if you do, I’m sure you will be pretty exhausted and get bored in just a few runs. With the ring slingshot launchers, all you need to do is stand still and shoot, in only a few runs, your dog has done running a distance of football size field.

Invented by John Hunter, a rocket scientist who has a background in physics and building solar airplanes. After watching his daughter’s dog go crazy with his gizmo prototype, he decided to send Hurrik9 flying in the market. Hurrik9 made its first move as a Kickstarter project, which has successfully funded 600% of its original goal. It was even selected as the top 5 must-have toy in the San Diego Pet Expo. You can get hurrik9 on their official website, as well as the link to the below.

Material – Made for Chewers

Designed for dogs and dog owners, Hurrik9 significantly shorten the training process while trainers has zero worries about the product safeness. As needed to be carried by dog’s mouth, it’s made with durable non-toxic material, Ethylene- Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Foam, which is the exact same material used in Crocs Shoes. Unlike using tennis balls or Frisbee that can hurt dog’s mouth, Hurrik9 ‘s durability able to withstand even the stronger bite force tested, they have then special made an Extra Tough Rings edition for larger dogs too. The self-healing properties material will recover the teeth puncture marks while keeping its shape to fly over and over again. Approved by stringent Children’s Toy Standards, Hurrik9’s team believed that not just dog loved it, Hurrik9 will definitely save tons of your money for the next dog toy.


If you are too busy for outdoors, you can have some fun with this new cool dog toy indoor too. Simply control to pull the lever back slightly, it reduces the travel distance to only about 20 feet.

100% Money back guarantee 

As far as they have tested on hundreds of dog breeds, they found that only 5% of dogs has no interest in playing it while 95% definitely in loved. Thus, Hurrik9 Team has so much faith in their product, they willing to give a 7 days full refund plus the returning shipping fees for their customer.

Since user can choose to play Hurrik9 without launcher, they also sold separate rings. You can learn more from via the link below.

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