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IceScreen wants to keep you from ever having to scrape your windshield again. This gadget was designed to help solve the common problem of ice accumulating on vehicle windshields. During the winter months, people often wake up to a thick layer of ice on their vehicles. Instead of immediately entering the car, they must stand outside in the cold and scrape the ice for minutes until it is completely off. There is nothing worse than standing outside in the freezing cold while trying helplessly to hack chunks of ice from your car.

In order to solve this common problem, IceScreen developed a windshield cover that helps protect against snow and ice. The IceScreen spreads comfortably over the windshield of a vehicle and is secured with high strength magnets. This ensures that the cover does not falter during high winds or strong storms. No matter how much snow and ice accumulates, your windshield will remain untouched as long as the IceScreen is on. This product is simple to use and saves valuable time in the morning before work or a long weekend. You don’t have to worry about standing in the cold or chipping ice for several, long minutes. Instead, simply remove the IceScreen in the morning to find a perfectly clean and clear windshield.

One of the greatest features of the IceScreen is the easy assembly. It requires absolutely no extra hardware or any difficult application. Simply laying the screen over your windshield is enough to do the trick. The strong magnets will make sure the IceScreen remains secure and resistant against movement. The removal of the IceScreen is just as easy as the application. A firm pull on the magnets will be enough to remove the grip of the screen. Users will be happy to know that their is gentle fabric surrounding the magnets to ensure that vehicles are not scratched or damaged during use. The IceScreen features external flaps that fold into the front doors to help protect against theft and strong winds. A waterproof construction helps to keep the tarp from ripping during bad weather.

Another great feature of the IceScreen is the product’s versatility. In addition to snow and ice, it can also help to protect your vehicle against tree sap, bird droppings, falling branches, rocks and rain. The IceScreen also flips over to reveal a protective sun reflector offering shade and deferring heat. IceScreen was designed to look sleek and contemporary in order to fit any model of car.

iceScreen offers an efficient way for drivers to remove snow and ice from their autos, avoid potential fines, and create a safe driving environment.