One of my favorite sites in the inbound marketing space has been and still is IM Impact by Shane Melaugh – The site has been around for years, and way before the launch of Thrive Themes. However, Shane realized it is about time to rebrand the site and this is now happening with a move from IM Impact to Active Growth; some things remain the same and other things change. Personally, I think this is a great move and with this, I hope and expect we will see more updates from Shane, going forward.

Here is what Shane had to say about the relaunch of IM Impact as Active Growth;

Hey Jakob, I’ve got some news for you:

My marketing blog has been known as “im impact” until now. But now, I’ve rebranded to a new name and new domain: ActiveGrowth.

Why the name change?

And does this mean I’ll be creating and sharing new content again?

To find the answer, check out the new post here!

As you can tell, I’m pretty excited about starting this new project and I hope you’ll be joining me (despite the long radio silence since my last update).

In fact, if you’re on board and you want to help, you can do so in this post.

Talk soon,

So yeah, you can read more about it on his blog post here. I really look forward to Shane’s upcoming podcast, and specially to a bunch of new and honest reviews (he just recently posted an extremely detailed post on social plugin’s which is a must read, if this is something you use on your site)