The MOSS Coin (MOC) ICO will fund development of the Mossland platform. Mossland is an Augmented Reality gaming platform supported by Ethereum and blockchain technology. The ICO Whitepaper offers complete details, the GPS gaming environments challenge users to acquire and utilize iconic real estate and landmarks from locations across the globe. The MOC ICO is a unique usage of blockchain to support AR assets.


The AR technology adds visual layers to real-world objects, and the real world objects have GPS support. The GPS marker and markerless environments offer realism and game adventure. The system uses real-world objects including famous iconic scenes and structures. You can register famed structures like the Eiffel Tower, Corcovado, or the Parthenon. The game environments create competitive scenarios that encourage usage. The gaming formats include universally recognized models like Monopoly and Pokemon Go, and users will quickly adapt to the familiar style and enjoy the innovative AR features.


The currency that supports Mossland is the Moss coin. The cryptocurrency token will launch in an ICO set for the spring, 2018. The issuers will register the currency on selected virtual currency exchanges. With a total issue of 500,000,000 tokens, the currency will trade on cryptocurrency platforms after the ICO.


The virtual assets that participants acquire in Mossland become their virtual property. The platform registers ownership on its proprietary system and secures assets on a blockchain system. The blockchain can protect anything designated as value, and also provide access for the owners. The Mossland blockchain is the first instance of a blockchain usage dedicated to AR assets. Owners can move their property and deploy them on any connected and compatible game platform. This feature adds a dimension to Mossland of infinite expandability and utility across a diverse range of platforms, and potentially in systems and games yet to be launched.


The Mossland game environment can support advertising and other directed communications and messages. Owners can equip their property with advertising and messaging markers that can deliver customized content to broad or narrow audiences. The platform and game environments support P2P communications and messaging including advertising. You can unleash the potential for marketing and messaging to enhance the value of your AR property.


The development, management, and marketing teams consist of highly-qualified personnel with proven expertise in all phases of finance, Ethereum, blockchain technology, graphic design, and AR. The relevant experience includes the leaders in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality research, digital communications, finance, and Ethereum.


The Mossland White Paper provides a complete roadmap to the development of the platform and distribution of the tokens.