Virtual Chat Assistants(VCAs) have been around for many years now, but many of them seem to have missed the mark. Too often, the configurations will recommend incorrect things, simply because the bot doesn’t understand what the potential client is looking for. Other times, the VCA may embarrassingly reply, “Sorry, I don’t understand that command.” This can make or break a sale or lead for any online business.

FreshChat solves many of these problems, while offering more attractive features at the same time. FreshChat features an advanced, highly customized user interface that can allow FreshChat to seem more human. For example, you can configure FreshChat to be humorous, sympathetic, or seem like the average person on a live chat messenger. A few features of FreshChat stand out, which separate it from its competitors.

Customer Retention Techniques

When a visitor completes a certain action on your website, FreshChat can be triggered to initiate dialog with the potential customer. Possible triggers are clicking on a specified link, downloading a free report, attempting to exit the website, etc.
FreshChat can also use information from a visitor’s profile or linked social media profiles to create relevant, meaningful chats with the potential customer. This serves to make FreshChat seem “more human” and can be related to by the visitor. This also makes the visitor feel more comfortable and builds rapport through friendly conversation in which every customer can relate.

Customizable Orientations for New Visitors and Returning Customers

FreshChat can be configured to chat with new visitors by offering them a guided tour of the website or offering returning visitors a review of their past actions that can encourage more sales. This is done by FreshChats’s ability to analyze past visits and actions and qualifying the potential customer using such data.

FreshChat Offers the Ability To Generate Sales and Leads 24/7

Because of the highly customizable, advanced user interface that FreshChat offers, FreshChat can work for you 24/7 leading to more sales and more leads for your sales team. FreshChat can answer common questions and/or concerns, issue announcements, offer discounts, take suggestions, and educate visitors on new or existing products or services.

Of course, all of the above are just examples of what FreshChat can do. FreshChat can take the “guess-work” out of what may have happened to visitors overnight by converting them to sales or customers. In this sense, all of the work is being done by FreshChat, requiring minimal follow-up from you. FreshChat is indeed a useful tool and a welcome addition for any online business.

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