As public use of mobile technology has increased, so has public concern that radiation emitted from cellular phones may induce brain cancer. For now, scientific studies indicate no causal links between cell phone usage and increased cancer incidence – however, the authors of these studies acknowledge that results are preliminary and that their findings did indicate a change in glucose metabolism within the brain, the effects of which are not fully understood at present.

If you choose to be cautious at this time, the SafeSleeve Anti-Radiation and RFID Wallet Case for the iPhoneX will shield you from 99% of ELF and RF radiation that may be emitted by your phone. Both ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) and RF (Radio Frequency) bandwidths are not associated with ionizing radiation, which can cause DNA damage, but they are known to be bioactive and can also heat organic cellular tissue. With the SafeSleeve’s FCC-tested shielding technology, you can have peace of mind that your phone isn’t frying a piece of brain.

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These days, the technology you carry with you is also prey for the criminal element, which can scan RF chipped credit cards without your consent or even awareness. Fake charges and even identity theft are the risks here. While scanning crimes are currently rare, many hackers have shown in blogs and online videos just how easy it is to scan card information from meters away on a busy street, and it may be only a matter of time before the criminals catch on. The SmartSleeve’s RFID blocking wallet has slots for several cards inside.

Even with these protective features, the SmartSleeve looks like a fashionable phone cover.
It has a form factor only millimeters bigger than your iPhone, comes in several colors, and the latching cover serves as an adjustable stand for no hands viewing.