Add the convenience of wireless streaming to your headphones with Jack. Jack Bluetooth Audio Adapter by Podo Labs is the latest launching on Kickstarter. Jack sharing mode enables you to share music with your friends. The good thing about this Bluetooth audio adapter is that it’s compatible with various devices, may it be tablet, computer, phone or smart watch. Not only is this device easy to set up but it also automatically reconnects with other devices.

Jack Bluetooth Audio Adapter – Key Features

  • Features 12 hours playback. Jack uses the best battery in the market. The 300 mAh is the largest battery and most efficient in the industry. You can charge your phone during use.
  • Social sharing. Jack is the best Bluetooth adaptor that enables to sync headphones and share those melodies. Sharing mode allows you to share music melodies with your friends. You only need to sync two jacks and split the audio from your music playlist or a movie on your laptop. Just a single button click and you are good to go.
  • Receiving and transmitting. Since it is compatible with any Bluetooth enabled phone, laptop, tablets and others. You can receive audio from such devices and play it through any audio player, for instance your speakers or headphones. You can use jack to transmit audio to another jack or Bluetooth headphones from a normal aux output.
  • Support volume control. This unique adapter is compatible with your volume controls as well as your in-line microphones

How it works: User Guide

  1. Plug in your headphones
  2. Pair it with your device
  3. Play audio wirelessly

Wireless and Bluetooth 

  • Simple set-up.
  • Works with your Bluetooth headphones.
  • Long-range wireless.
  • Simultaneous tablet, Smartphone and computer paring.
  • Easy to pair and re-pair.
  • Convenient Bluetooth pairing button.
  • Compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device.

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Frequently Asked Questions –FAQ and Answers

  • What makes jack different from others?
  • Jack is the only adapter in the market that allows you to sync headphones and wirelessly enjoy music with a friend.
  • The jack uses the leading materials in the industry CSR8670 chip and aptX protocol which provides the best audio quality.
  • Jack battery is the largest among competitors (300mAh), and Jack fully supports in-line microphones and volume controls.
  • How good is the audio quality?

It is the best quality. In fact, Jack will output with a 44.1 kHz rate with the Bluetooth A2DP profile or any other source. Within 10 feet range the quality will be awesome.

  • Can one sync more than two jacks together?

No, more than two jacks can’t sync directly with each other but only two Jacks can.

  • Can I receive calls via my headphones microphone while using jack?

Yes! If your phone has a built-in microphone.

Final Verdict

Jack by podo labs is a stylish Bluetooth adaptor that can make any headphone wireless. It also allows you to share your favorite songs with friends. Tiny but works magic. It boasts your battery for 12 hours and plays hi-def audio.

Jack is all you need to turn your favorite headphones into a wireless sound system for your phone, tablet or computer. Simply plug in your headphones into this tiny magical Bluetooth audio adapter, pair it with your device and you’re ready to enjoy your music. It is very easy pairing and re-pairing. Are you a music lover, buy this magic adapter from Kickstarter stores at an affordable price.