Whether you are going to the beach, the park or merely want to soak up the sun, the Kaisr Original is your guarantee for a relaxing time. This inflatable air lounge is light and easy to operate, and you will also find it as comfortable as it is convenient.

Instead of lugging along beach chairs or mattresses that take time to set up, consider the Kaisr Original before you take your next trip outdoors. Removed from its carrying case, the Kaisr Original can be inflated with only two scoops of air and without the use of a pump. It will seat up to three adults for hours and can then be deflated in only a matter of seconds. Made of durable nylon fabric, it can be used on any surface, from sand and grass to dirt and concrete. Completely waterproof, the Kaisr Original is great for relaxing in or around the pool.

The Kaisr Original comes in a variety of colors to satisfy the tastes of its users or match the terrain where it will be used. Developed by designers who themselves like to be in the outdoors, the Kaisr Original should be part of your next outdoor venture, even if it is only to your backyard.

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