As of 2018, cryptocurrency is everywhere and if you own any, it’s important that you take good care of it. Who knows what your investment could be worth years from now? Just look at how Bitcoin exploded as an incredible example of what something small can turn into! It’s quite worrying that hackers can actually steal cryptocurrency and there have been many cases of that happening over the world. Luckily for you, Lumi Wallet exists and it was designed especially to keep your cryptocurrency safe.

What is Lumi Wallet?

Lumi Wallet is a crypto wallet that helps keep all your cryptocurrency as secure as possible. You can actually download this on your AppStore or Google Play and it’s compatible with a whole host of different phones. Lumi Wallet is totally anonymous, your privacy is guaranteed at all times and your information will NEVER be shared. Anyone can guess a password though right? Well Lumi doesn’t work on passwords, it recognises you on facial/touch recognition. This means that literally NOBODY except you will be able to gain access to your wallet. It has the most up to date security measures of any other similar software that is offered in this day and age. Lumi is designed so well, it’s smooth design is easy to understand and promises you a pretty enjoyable experience whenever you use it.

Other things to know about Lumi Wallet

– There is also a web version of Lumi Wallet so if you like how the app works, you can also use it on your laptop/desktop. You can be rest assured that the web version is just as secure as the app with different security measures that cannot be bypassed by anyone but you.

– Lumi can do lots of other cool things like sending and receiving Bitcoins and Ethereum to/from other accounts.

– Obviously a multitude of different security methods are used on Lumi Wallet, and you will also be prompted to set up a 12 word backup phrase should you get locked out of your account for some reason.


As you can see, Lumi Wallet is a really innovative product and essential if you have cryptocurrency. It’s so important to protect your financial assets and it’s all possible with this handy little app.

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