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With Valentines day just around the corner, is there any better way to surprise your loved one than by brining her keyboard waffles on the bed?

You haven’t fully lived until you’ve made breakfast using The Keyboard Waffle Iron. The internet sensation allows you to enjoy keyboard-shaped waffles from the comfort and convenience of your own kitchen. Rather than get stuck wolfing down a boring breakfast, start your day out right with a smile on your face and a couple keyboard-inspired blueberry waffles in your belly.

It Started as an Art School Project

The brains behind the business, Chris Dimino, came up with the idea in 2001 when he debuted The Corona-Matic Typewriter Waffle Iron at the School of Visual Arts as a conceptual design piece. It wasn’t until he shared photos of the piece online that he realized what a genius idea he had come up with. People from all over the world wrote him to see how they could get their hands on a waffle iron of their own.

The Concept Quickly Became a Successful Kickstarter Campaign

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Dimino’s art project became a real product. The Keyboard Waffle Iron was wildly successful by surpassing its initial fundraising goals. It is now available for purchase by the general public, not just Kickstarter backers.

Four Steps to Cooking the Perfect WaffleThere are four simple steps to make keyboard-shaped waffles. First, the batter must be made while The Keyboard Waffle Iron heats over medium-high heat. Next, pour the batter into the waffle iron. You’ll use ¾ of a cup and then close it. Return it to the heat. Cook for three to four minutes on each side. Place the cooked waffle onto a plate and repeat the process. Simple stuff!

The Benefits and Features of The Keyboard Waffle Iron

It’s easy to prepare, cook, and enjoy keyboard-shaped waffles – and they look just awesome! They’re every bit as delicious as traditional waffles, and Dimino’s website has plenty of recipes for you to try. You won’t grow tired of eating the different flavors of waffles you’ve tested. The Keyboard Waffle Iron is made of die-cast aluminum. It has heat-resistant handles made of Bakelite. There are no wires to deal with because waffles are prepared on a stovetop. The iron is easy to clean, durable, and no problem to store. It has a thin profile making it convenient to place on a kitchen or pantry shelf. It’s a unique design that surprises and delights anyone who gets to eat a keyboard-shaped waffle for the first time.

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