I have mentioned this before here on im.zone – that ahrefs was about to launch a new keyword tool named keyword expolore 2.0. Well today is that day. Keyword Explore 2.0 is now released and it looks awesome! Try it here

As this was just released a few hours ago, I haven’t really had time to go into all the details yet, but I plan on doing so in the upcoming days. Here is what Tim had to say about this new tool. 

Hi Jakob,

We’ve just released a brand new keyword research tool, that is now available in your Ahrefs account.

It’s called “Keywords Explorer 2.0″ and it’s extremely powerful!You can learn more about it from this article on Ahrefs Blog:”Keywords Explorer 2.0 by Ahrefs: Setting new standards for keyword research”

Here’s what makes this new tool so great:

Huge database of keywords (~3 Billion), that will give you tons of relevant keyword ideas;

Accurate Search Volume (local & global), that was refined via processing large amounts of clickstream data;

“Clicks” metric, that shows you if people actually click on the search results or not;

“Parent topic”, that helps you pick multiple relevant keywords and target all of them with a single page;Keyword difficulty score, that helps you understand how many backlinks you’ll need to rank in top10 for a given keyword;… & much-much more!

Our goal was to make Keywords Explorer 2.0 the very best keyword research tool on the market.

So please take it for a spin and tell us if we have succeeded with that.


Awesome! Long Tail Pro just got another really serious competetior in the keyword research space. This is definately another good reason, to considder signing up for a paid account with Ahrefs. If you have tested Keyword Explore 2.0 from Ahrefs, please drop a comment below and share your thoughts.