You might have a hard time to deal with tangling cords like your smartphone charging cable, laptop cable, camera cable, USB, ear buds or anything with cables.

Take one for example, everybody have been using ear buds for many many years, tangling has just become a part of the business. When the cable get tangled up, abrasion occurs, which may later shorten the lifespan of your cable.

To solve a big problem, starts small.

So, before you spend money to buy a new cable, why not just figure out some solution to this everyday problem on our own. The item for today in BoyGadgets is a small and handy cable organiser called KlIPS.

KLIPS cable organizer

Klips is a universal cable organiser made by Italian leather. This small and handy accessory helps you to put everything with cables in order. It smartly integrates with magnets at both end of the clips, so that you can attach it to any magnetic surface with ease. To further extends its functionality, it also applies to any small stuff like money, key, document sheets, pens/pencils, you name it.

Coupled with Dock Station, which is a vacuum suction stainless steel attachment, it allows Klips attaching to any surface without damaging the furniture.


Created by a team of enthusiasts from Ukraine, Klips is a ready-made solution for your daily frustration. Although we already can find some similar products in the market, or better yet if you happen to have some spare time, you can even DIY your own leather cable organiser.

In terms of material, Klips is made by natural leather which is strong and durable enough for long term usage. Both ends are sewed with neodymium magnets to give you a powerful and secure snapping system.

Klips is currently only available in two versions — KLIPS (85mm) and KLIPS Plus (135mm).   For your own needs, you can use it to organise almost any untidy cables of your electronics. The longer version is for those with thicker cable such as laptop cable.

Moreover, you can use it on other accessories too, simply snap and stick it right on the metal surface. For example to prevent trip over by overly stretch-out land cables, you can fix the cable onto a holding point. Also, it streamlines your neat sporty outfit by attaching your long headphone cord to your clothes, desk, car seat, wall, and more.

To maximise the climbing capability, the dock station is a micro-suction silicone add-on to the product. It built with suction tape underneath the surface which allow multi- and repeating attaching to flat surfaces.

Where to buy

Starting as low as $12 for 2 Klips, where you can choose between 3 colors (cream, brown and black), you can enjoy your early pledge discount anywhere up to 30% off retail. They sold the dock station separetely by $7 each as add-on, and of course, the more you order the higher the discount rate. Also, you will be expected to receive the reward on March this year. Check out the link below to their kickstarter campaign to learn more.