As mentioned a couple of times before here on, I used to be a loyal fan and user, of Long Tail Pro; this was back in the days when it was fully owned by Spencer Haws (the founder of Long Tail Pro and Niche Pursuits). Since Long Tail Pro was acquired by the team behind Wired Investor, things have been going downhill (in my opinion). There has been a wide range of issues after the deal was done, and I slowly started to look elsewhere for my keyword research. I ultimately chose to go with KWFinder; a clean and simple keyword research tool, that just works. Take a look at the chart below, and you will see I am not the only one, moving in that direction.

Most recently, the (new) team behind Long Tail Pro have started sending lots and lots of promotional emails for all different kind of stuff that I have no interest in. Yesterday, I got an email with an invite for a sales pitch on some video tool called Video Remix. Not relevant for me so I will be opting out from this. People on their facebook page are complaining about a lack of support, and the tool (long tail pro) is still facing issues and a solid clean up. For now, I am a KWFinder user, and I will be going back to LTP in the nearest future.

Keyword research has been the center of attention for the team behind KWFinder – They are clearly seeing some success with KWFinder, and we are now seeing them starting to move into other related areas of business as well. First of, make sure to pay their blog a visit, and the sub-section with SEO tutorials (the SEO Academy).

In addition to this, Mangools is getting ready to release a new rank / SERP tracking tool named


There are lots and lots of rank tracking tools and services on the market already. But seeing how they were able to up the standard on keyword research, I must admit I am eager to see what they got up their sleeves with this new rank tracking service.

SERPWather from Mangools

See the most critical data on one screen

Save your time, benefit from the Estimated visits, Performance index and ranking distribution charts, as well as daily rankings, all on one screen.
UI of SERPWatcher – see all tracking data on one screen.
All essential features like daily rank reports are included.

Track overall progress with one key metric

Based on keyword positions and their estimated visits, performance index considers different weight of each tracked keyword.


Essential features with innovation

Get daily ranks with up to one-year data retention. SERPWatcher provides desktop and mobile segmentation with localized results and innovative online reports.

All essential features like daily rank reports are included

Integration with mangools seo tools.

From keyword ideas to ranking reports

Track your existing keywords from KWFinder, check the keyword SEO difficulty and analyze SERP directly from SERPWatcher.

SERPWatcher will be launched soon, and I will definitely be paying attention. I currently use SERP Stat for my rank tracking needs (because I got a lifetime deal through app sumo). My preferred choice is AccuRanker (at this very moment), but Mangools might just challenge that 🙂

If you are looking for more SERP Tracking tools, make sure to see this list, which I countinously update with new tools as they hit the market.

Over to you; what is your favorite keyword research tool and what do you use for rank tracking?