There is no end to the amount of information on building profitable websites. The true task in this relation is sorting the good stuff from the bad, which often involves paying a premium. In this post I take a look at three of the most recently launched courses, that also received a lot of attention in this space.

rank xl from chris less

we have seen a bunch of membership sites open for registration this month, with people ready to teach you how to build profitable websites – niche and authoity sites. The latest program to join the list is rank xl from Chris Lee. This program was originally launched a couple of years ago (two years, if Im not mistaken). Rank XL is targeting individuals looking to learn how to create profitable niche sites. We have seen lots and lots of such courses over the years, but rank xl got significantly more attention than majority of all other courses out there. The short version on this seems to be that the quality and value of the content in the course is second to none;

Chris Lee seems to open the doors to rank xl once a year, and only for a short period of time. In this case there might be more to this scarcity play, than just to impose a sense of urgency (read; quality control). The doors are open as I am writing this, but only for 10 more hours or so. Do note the course comes with a heavy price tag of $297 (but ready on to see how you can get yourself a discount on that)


I just re-opened enrollment into my flagship SEO training course, The Niche Site Course v3.0.

Learn more, and get all the details here.

As promised yesterday, I’ll be running a very limited discount for the next 4 days.

Early bird pricing starts right now. You can join now for 25% off, only valid until 11:59pm Pacific Time tonight. That’s about 12.5 hours from now.

After that, the course will remain at 15% off for the rest of the launch, which will end on Friday, January 20th.

Use coupon code: EARLY2017
at during checkout to activate your special 25% early bird pricing.

Remember, this code will expire today, January 17th at 11:59pm Pacific Time. No exceptions.

If you have any questions about the course, just hit reply and let me know.

Get The Niche Site Course here.


Authority Site System by gael, mark and perrin (TASS)

Another course open for registration is a the authority site system (tass) from gael and mark (the team behind authorityhacker). You might remember that they launched their membership program authority hacker pro around a year or two ago – yeah, don’t confuse that with TASS. TASS is basically a course for beginners, where authority hacker pro is for the more experienced ones. In TASS, Gael and Perrin (yeah, the guy that used to hang around niche pursuits), will teach you how to research, create and promote an authority site (or, more specifically, do all of this, for the first of four stages, for the site – the latter are covered in the authority hacker pro membership.)

WIth authority hacker and health ambition on his CV, I think it’s fair to say that Gael (and mark (and Perrin)) really does practie what he preach (and he does it very very well!). If you decide to beomce a member of TASS, you also get access to their (private) facebook group for all TASS members, so you can share info with like minded authority hackers. Do note the course does come with a heavy price tag of $597.

Thanks for checking our Perrin’s webinar.

I just wanted to remind you of the looming price increase of The Authority Site System (TASS) in a few days time. And unlike some unscrupulous marketers, when we say it’s going up, we really mean it!

The Authority Site System is a complete step by step process for launching new authority sites. Inside we cover everything you need to know and do in order to have your own profitable authority site from start to finish.

We start with the basics of online marketing, so even if you have never had a profitable site before, we’ll show you how.

Next, we’ll guide you through the entire planning phase. Following our lessons and using our worksheets, you’ll research and choose your first niche as well as find juicy keywords for your new site. Of course, it’s all planned out in a foolproof step by step process.

When the planning is done, you will set up your site in the most optimal way possible. Even if you’ve never built a website and have no programming knowledge, we’ll show you exactly what to do at every stage. Just follow and copy what we do.

After your site is up and running, it’s time to start building a content process in order to achieve a return on investment. We’ll show you how to do this, without wasting time or money. Plus, we’ll show you how to produce content that sells, even if you hate copywriting.

Finally, we’ll guide you through our awesome and scaleable white hat link building techniques. In no time, you’ll get loads of high quality links that will help you rank in Google, driving traffic and ultimately profit to your site.

In side TASS you’ll get:
75 over the shoulder video lessons, spread across 5 in depth modules
A complete start to finish case study where you’ll see exactly how we built a new authority site
Pre built copy + paste templates to help you grow your new site and get results faster
A full Trello todo list ready made for you with everything you need to do already pre planned

=> Check Out The Authority Site System Today


Gael Breton
Founder of Authority Hacker

P.S Authority Hacker PRO, our advanced course, is also available at a discount when you buy TASS. This exclusive launch offer won’t be around for much longer so if you’ve been dying to get into AH PRO, now is your chance.

Get The Authority Site System here:

5 figure niche site by doug cunnington

Finally, we get Doug Cunnington promoting his niche site course named 5 figure niche site. Doug is also the guy behind (which is where I know him from). I have been following for a long time. I am a loyal reader, and for a good reason. Doug writes some really interesting and actionable blog posts, specifically related to niche sites.

His 5 figure niche site course comes with a price tag of $537 for the cheapest option.

I just opened enrollment for my online training, Five Figure Niche Site, that teaches you how to create an Amazon Affiliate Niche Site step-by-step using a proven system.

And… As a gift to all of you eagerly awaiting launch day, full pay packages are 20% off for the first 24 hours. After 24 hrs, the prices will go back UP and the 20% discount will disappear.

So, now you have two options.

Option #1: Keep being someone who just imagines a niche site business that brings in income every month(a wantrepreneur as they say). Imagine big goals and expectations then do nothing.

Option #2: Join Five Figure Niche Site and let me help you build a niche site that will allow you to live the life you want (not the status quo).

You can read about Five Figure Niche Site here. Note: The 24 hour 20% discount is exclusive to the one time payment options.

Enrollment is open right now, but it closes on Wed, Jan 25, at 11:59 PM Mountain Time ( UTC -6). The 20% discounts last for 24 hrs.

Heads up on the PREMIUM option, which includes 1-on-1 coaching – Last time it sold out in less than 72 hours.


P.s. the premium option takes a lot of time for me! I meet with you one on one…that’s why the spots are so limited…some people were asking so i wanted to let you know.

So if you are looking to get started building a profitable website there is plenty of people willing to help you, but it does come with a heavy price tag, no matter which one of the three above listed courses you join. Do note then all seemingly come with some money back gaurentee, so you will be able to give things a go, before you finally decide if you made the right decision or not.

If you have any experience with any of the above listed courses, I would love to hear your feedback. Drop a comment below and let us know what you think.