Everyone has had one of those days where they just don't want to get up to turn off the light. Beyond that, though, sometimes it would just be more convenient to be able to flick the light on and off before you enter a room. Whether it's for security or pure laziness, having greater control of the lights in your home can be appealing for a whole host of reasons.

gecko switch - convenient, smart & modern

For the most convenient and modern version of this technology, look no further than the Gecko Switch. Like many of its kind, it allows you to turn your lights on and off in a room without the need of pressing a switch, all through the use of an app on your smartphone. What sets Gecko Switch apart, though, is that it does not require a WiFi connection to use it after you've installed everything properly, eliminating one of the main causes of annoyance with products of this kind.

The Gecko Switch can be stuck just about anywhere using the innovative Gecko Glue. Functioning like a sticky note, it can be placed, stuck, and removed without damaging the surface it's stuck to.

Any lost stickiness can easily be regained, too, just by cleaning it off with water to remove any debris, ensuring it will always be available to reuse in whatever room you need it in.

To make it work, all you need to do is replace an existing light switch with the Base Switch included in every package. The Base Switch will allow you to control the light it's attached to just like the old switch would, only now you can do so wirelessly as well as through the Gecko Switch stuck somewhere else in the room.

gecko switch light

what makes gecko switch stand out

With up to 300 feet of range, you can control a room's lighting from virtually anywhere on your property. Not only that, using a Gecko Switch gives you the ability to set time delays for when lights should come on or turn off, as well as gradually brighten or darken over a period of time. You can even sync them up to an alarm on your phone. Plus, if you ever lose track of a switch, you can activate the search function on the app to cause it to light up and beep until you press it again.

But this is only a fraction of what the Gecko Switch can truly do. For a complete picture of what this technology has to offer, try it today and revolutionize the way you light your home.

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