Similar to Huntington’s, Parkinson’s disease is a neurological disorder disease that causes involuntary muscle movement, body coordination, walking and speech difficulty. Although its not fatal, it often affects senior citizens and progressively increase severity over time. First and the fore most obvious symptom of Parkinson’s is shaking or trembling of hands, which can bring down one’s self-esteem, frustration and lead to depression.

If you have family members or somebody you loved are one of the sufferers of tremor hands, you will understand how difficult for them to have an effortless meal.

A couple of years ago, a company named Liftware come out with an groundbreaking stabilising spoon to help people with shaking hands a possible solution to eat with confidence again. It is an electronic smart spoon to counteract and reduces 70% of shaking, so that user can enjoy their meal worry less about spilling.

Now, since the official acquisition of Liftware by Google in 2014, the company is back with the second amazing product known as Liftware Level.

Liftware Level

In addition to the previous Liftware Steady model (Check via here), Liftware Level is more complex and smartly made even for those with limited arm and hands mobility. Instead of lifting the spoon horizontally, patient may now compensated to lift the spoon upright, just like holding on a mug.

Founded by Anupam Pathak, a PhD in mechanical engineering and now a technical lead in Verily Life Sciences, or formerly Google Life Sciences. “For eating, we’ve programmed it to stay totally level to allow the user to scoop food. But in the future, we could have it maintain basically any kind of position.” Pathak told MedCity.

Not just counteracting the erratic shake, it will recognise the movement no matter how you twist, moves or bend, the flexible spoon joint will always kept at a desirably prefect angle to avoid dropping of food or soup.

Most of the other systems are pretty much just like its sibling, for example, it too has a rechargeable battery that lasts for one hour of each usage which is enough for 3 meals in a day.

A fork attachment is not included in the $195 starter kit (travel pouch, soup spoon attachment, leveling handle, strap and charger). But you can get the additional attachment for $34.95 each.

As part of the launch, Huntington’s Disease Society of America and Teva Pharmaceuticals are promised to make a contribution of 1,000 Liftware Level Starter kit to patients who in need.