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The world is starting to witness a wave of intriguing digital locking systems. From doors to safes and everything in between, there are many great options available. Linka offers an exceptionally straightforward and practical digital bike lock that requires no keys.

A few gentle taps open the lock when it is in range of your smartphone; it couldn’t be easier. When even more pressed for time, the Linka can be configured to open as you approach a set radius in proximity to the lock. A simple USB charge and pairing with your smartphone straight out of the box and you are ready. The Linka boasts up to 16 months battery life and warnings when below 30% power.

A built in accelerometer will notify the owner of attempted tampering and unordinary movement. Dedicated firmware upgrades keep you current, and the company seems to be quite devoted to their product. If you are worried about durability Linka states their lock will function in extreme hot or cold temperatures. Finally, a neat feature is granting remote access to this lock. At the touch of an app button, you can allow unlocking to a friend or even revoke access by remotely locking the Linka again.