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When it comes to efficient cheap self-transportation there are a lot of options. The LUMA BOARD is one of the coolest ways to get around town. On the surface it might just look like your average cruiser skateboard, but if you look closer you’ll notice that it has a special feature that is found nowhere else. The LUMA BOARD comes equipped with a customizable color strip around the edge of the deck. Unlike many other skateboards that have lights, the LUMA BOARD is made with only the best materials that give the board a solid sturdy and smooth ride.

The board is made with Acrylic glass which helps keep the board looking futuristic, along with the real wood that gives it a very organic and clean look. This plexiglass layer doesn’t just serve as a fashionable look though, it also gives the board much more durability since the material is ultra flexible. Additionally, the board is handcrafted in the heart of Germany with lots of dedication from the LUMA team.