We love the exciting jungle adventure. Exploring the uncertainties is definitely one of the most thrilling thing in life. However, it also mean that you could be far from civilisation and vulnerable to life-threatening situations. Without proper survival skills, you’re putting yourself on the line.

Another day in the lush green forest that full of wildest life? Not without your best camping gears or an experience local.

On one hand, jungle activities is not complete without a comfy hammock or blanket. A hammock serves to rest your feet and gives you some good time to take pleasure in the beautiful scene. It’s enjoyable, relaxing and even enhances every breath of yours into the finest fragrance of mother nature — of course when you’re chilling out on site. Over a drink of hot coffee/choco, your life is complete.

While trekking in the jungle is not all about the fun, but also some terrifying moments. You could be attack by animals,  defeated by tiredness, get lost, allergic reactions, infections and many more.

Therefore, travelling light is best to save up some energy, as well in the escaping stance. Having said that, here is a versatile 3-in-1 hammock for any of your outdoorsy vibe.

M.C. Hammie – World’s Most Versatile Hammock

Remind me of the hacked pack, M.C. Hammie is a hammock for two, cozy picnic blanket and an a-frame shelter, three-in-one.

Made of durable and water proof material, and yet, soft and cozy for hours of enjoyment. M.C. Hammie weights only 3.2 lbs and able to hold up to 500 lbs of weight capacity. It can be easily stuff into a small pack or backpack pocket for great portability.

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Blanket – Hammock – Shelter

Comes with 8 carabiners and integrated straps design, you can hang M.C. Hammie effortlessly at your favourite spot with the provided tree straps. Get your feet off the wet ground? Pop it flat to turn it instantly into a blanket for 8. Last but not least, shield you from sun and rain as a firm shelter. You will get:

1x Attached Ripstop Nylon Carry Pouch
6x Get Down Aluminum Ground Stakes
8x Aluminum Carabiners
12’ Paracord Line
2x Freedom Tree Straps

Price and Discount

M.C. Hammie is expected to retail at $129. But in this Kickstarter campaign, early backers can receive up to 40% offer off the future price. The price starts at only $84, and shipping to certain country is free of charge. Learn more via the link below to their official campaign page.