Magnet Hash offers a unique opt-in solution that asks for your users' permission to mine Bitcoins from their CPU in exchange for services. Magnet Hash is the Anti-Ad Block and Anti-Malware reliable answer to web-mining and monetization. 

They use just a small part of your users' CPU so that the users can still be enjoying and reading their favorite websites while you also earn compensation and build a new income stream. We all need to expand our bottom line in these days of having to do everything possible to add to finances.

It is understandable that today's webmasters are quite concerted about the reputation and reliability of web miners and how it affects their users. With Magnet Hash, nothing happens without the approval of your users, who must give their consent. Magnet Hash remembers the decision regarding their consent for up to two weeks and collects no personal data nor stores it during the process. Your own personal data also remains safe.

How does it work? You complete signing up with Magnet Hash, receive a special code assigned just to you, and install it on the website where you want to add monetization to your activities there. Once the code is in place, Magnet Hash will simply borrow the CPU from your users by running in the background, and start mining Bitcoins cryptocurrencies for you. They never utilize more than half of your processing capacity.

What is the process on how and when you get paid? The higher the traffic on your chosen website added to the time duration, the more you are entitled to get paid. Payment is on a weekly basis and does not have to accumulate to a higher level in order for payment to be made to you.