Man’s brain is full of sex. Ever since hitting puberty, most guys are uncontrollably thinking about sex. Food, then sex, then food, then sex, and repeat. At a rate that even sacrificing other hard-earned valuables like money, cars and houses just on looking for pleasures (i.e cheating, hookers, etc ). Few years ago, there’s an interesting experiment on the monkey, the closest relative of human, who taught about currency and the concept of money, and then the first ever recorded monkey prostitution has then been observed.

The relation of sex and underwear

While it may seems funny at first, but why? The hardwired male’s behaviour may correspond to the genetic factors that governed the reproductivity and survivability of the species. So is human. In short, the more (sperms) the better. Also, for better protection and sperm’s quality, we have to make the very sure of sperms of human’s male is well shielded from any external harms (germs, radiation, etc) and is in the best condition for any upcoming battles.

Therefore, the selection of men’s underwear is not just a matter on how cosy it is, but is also extremely crucial to the development of our next generations. Here comes a remarkable new technology boxer brief of 2017.

Manhattan Briefs

Manhattan Briefs is the men’s undergarment that made of nanofibers which is so small that even bacteria can’t attach on it. It is much thinner and softer than regular fibres, cashmeres and even silk. Besides of its natural anti-microbial activities, it is static free and resist to radiation. Ultimate protection of your little one like never before!


Manhattan Briefs is soft, fine and flexible men’s underwear. It features the Japan’s nanofibers material which is much smaller than regular clothing, and thus making the brief softer and very comfortable to wear. For long hours wearing experience, Manhattan Briefs offer an advance thermoregulation properties and do not cause allergic reaction on your skin.

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To keep your private part (your sperms!) safe and sound, It is static free and is resisted to radiation. Did you know that, putting your cell phone on pocket is actually “cooking” your sperms and reduces fertility significantly, according to Telegraph. Radiation emits energy, and Manhattan Briefs actively block out 70 dB of EMF radiation in the frequency range between 10MHz to 3GHz from all nearby electronic devices to better protect your sperms. In facts, it effectively blocks phone’s signal and will show “no service” on your cell phone.

The general bacteria cells are in between 0.2 to 10 microns, while Manhattan uses thin layer of nanofibers which is thousand times smaller than that, and thus germs are mostly unable to stay there.

Buy and Price

Manhattan Boxer Briefs is now on Kickstarter, you can pledge their project via the link below to the campaign. Due to the promotional period on Kickstarter, it is starting from just $20 dollars for all of the early birds. Choose your waist’s size upon order, this product is not available on Amazon or eBay yet.