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It’s a blending of old and new, a mixture of lightweight and durable, a combination of practicality and fashion. And it is all in one watch. The Masonic Concrete Aggregate Watch has a simple design, but the combination of unconventional materials and finely crafted details make it a great complimentary fashion piece.

The most unique feature of this watch is parts of it are made from concrete. The dial and bezel are made from a lightweight and durable concrete mixture, while the interior is made of stainless steel. Another feature of the Masonic is its crown has been moved to the 2 o’clock position. This makes the watch more comfortable and ergonomic to wear. The sapphire crystal lens is scratch resistant.

Several different colors are available for the watch band, including gray, navy gray, charcoal black, and oat brown. There is no doubt the intricate design and advanced engineering makes this one of the most unique watches on the market, or as its makers call it, “A game changer.”