Music is one of the greatest art of humanity. Ever since the day you were born, you listened to music. As we get older, we listen to variety of music regardless of getting sad, happy or angry. Like somebody just read your mind, song artist takes a moment out of your brain and expresses your inner emotions. A great song can never ruin by a poor speaker indeed, it may seems to be a small issue, but a bad quality speaker might not be able to bring out the emotion that hidden inside the music. Every beat and note, counts.

A true music lover loves music as much as the speaker itself.

Speaking of speaker, we have came across a variety of awesome speakers in the market. Counting from cool levitating speaker, to the custom-fit wireless earphone just for your ear, there are hundreds more! But here is the only one that perfectly integrated into your house, or in order words, part of your house deco. Therefore, get rid of those ugly big and bulky “good speaker” at the corner, this one is definitely loved by your interior designer.

Mellow: Eco-Inspired Multimedia Table

Mellow is a unique bluetooth speaker integrated modern side table. This cool table has 4 speakers in it with a big battery that lasts for about 7 hours of continuous playtime. It wirelessly connects to your smart devices via Bluetooth and has a range of 10 meters. Also, doubles as a power bank, Mellow providing 13 000 mAh battery capacity with two USB ports to charge multiple devices at the same time. It offers an elegant and space-efficant way of combining three household item — Table, speaker and power bank.

Side Table

  • Height – 60cm (~2 feet)
  • Width – 40cm (~1.3 feet)

The main selling point in Mellow is the modern and smart design of the product. Without compromising the functions, it is stylish and minimalistic in appearance. Made of 100% lush beech wood on table-top, as well as the three beautiful legs, the timeless design syncs seamlessly with your furnitures. As a finishing touch, the middle is wrapped by woven micro fabric that shows four intuitive buttons to control the power on/off, play/stop, and up/down volume.

Unless told, your guest wouldn’t know where the sounds from.

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Bluetooth Speaker

Mellow is also a portable and fashionable music player for all your party fun, Neflix time with friends or weekend family gathering. Built with 4 Bluetooth speakers with 13 000 mAh lithium ion battery which gives you 7 hours of continuous playtime at 30% volume; 5 hours at 75% volume; or 3 hours at 100% volume. The cool part, you can move Mellow around easily, indoor or outdoor. In case you want to know, below is the specification of the speaker:

  • Track: 2.0
  • Speaker: 5”4Ω Max15W*4
  • Radiator:∮75mm*4
  • Bluetooth solution: ACTS Digital audio output
  • Bluetooth version: 4.2
  • Distance: 10m
  • Amplifier IC: TAS5711(TI) DSP
  • Max Output Power: 2*15W
  • Frequency response: 100 Hz- 18 KHz
  • Adaptor:AC IN110-230V DC 16V/2A

However, the charging takes a little bit longer. It took roughly 4 hours to fully charge up when Mellow is off, and 6 hours if on. Nonetheless, you will be able to control wirelessly (10 meters range) with your phone and play songs from iTune, SoundCloud, Sportify, Joox, Pandora and more. In your comfort living or bed room, you are free to play any audio of music, TV, game consoles and movie projector.

Power Bank

As for this feature, to me, is less useful in most cases. Since we are already in our house where chargers are usually available, having another unwearable power bank brings no extra value. But If you move Mellow to your garden or anywhere without wall outlets, charging can sometime be a hassle. Charging wirelessly or using cable, you will need a wall outlet, and Mellow solves this problem with their integrated power bank. Therefore, you can enjoy your music or movie without worrying about your phone’s battery.

Also, Mellow offers two USB charging ports for multiple devices. It allows you to charge up your iPhone 7 for about 2.7 times, while taking about 3 hours for each charging cycle. Not just for party, Mellow can be an alarm clock too!

Price, Discount and Warranty

Mellow is now available for $259 with 1 year warranty. You can enjoy a big discount price off their current Kickstarter campaign as early bird. I’ve put up a link below to their official Kickstarter campaign page, so that you can check the latest pricing available.