The Memobottle 2.0
The creators of the original flat water bottle have returned to introduce a new and improved version of their first product, which melded fashion, convenience, and eco-friendly influences into one water bottle.

The memobottle H2.0 is a flat, reusable water bottle capable of holding up to 450 mL of beverage. Its design makes it easy to slip into purses and laptop bags. In addition, the memobottle is composed of BPA-free tritan plastic. The strength of durability of this plastic give the memobottle resistance to high heat and cold. It is therefore freezer-proof, heat proof, and dishwasher safe. Reinforced designs ensure that the bottle won’t weaken as it’s dropped or tumbled with use.

Along with the H2.0, a new smaller bottle, the A7, has been added to the collection of memobottles. It features the same design and portability as the original H2.0, with a smaller frame holding 180 mL of beverage.

Adding to the luxurious feeling of the memobottles is the introduction of prime-grade copper desk stands. The stands hold the memobottles in vertical and horizontal positions, all with a metallic finish. Add-on lanyards and leather sleeves make the memobottle the ultimate in modern beverage portability.

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