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Have you ever been up late at night, digging into a block of delicious ice cream, only to find the ice cream is so frozen solid that you’re struggling to even get it into your bowl? Or maybe you’ve tried to scoop ice cream with a regular spoon, leaving you with a bent spoon and sore wrists? If so, you’ll love the Midnight Scoop! Designed by aerospace engineer Michael Chou, it’s more than just an ice cream scoop. Its state of the art technology will make it the best ice cream scoop you’ll ever own.

Chou applied science to the job of scooping ice cream to make a scoop unlike anything you’ve seen before. Most ice cream scoops you might find in a grocery store are made of cheap plastic with parts that break easily. They’re made so you have to use your wrist muscles to pry the ice cream out of the container, but that’s going to strain your wrists trying to get out the ice cream you want. If you’re not careful, it could even leave you with serious wrist injuries.

Finally an ice cream spoon with a thoughtful design

With the Midnight Scoop, the special ergonomically-designed handle is made so you can push forward into the ice cream instead of prying it up, leaving your wrists straight and safe. That gives you more strength from your arms and chest to scoop out even the hardest ice cream. It’s a brilliant design that solves a problem you didn’t even know you had.

It’s also forged from a single piece of aerospace-grade aluminum so there are no moving parts to break and it has an industrial strength coating to make sure it will last a long time. If it doesn’t, the Midnight Scoop is backed by a lifetime warranty. When you see how easy it makes scooping ice cream, you’re going to love the Midnight Scoop almost as much as you love ice cream!