Everyone love to eat healthy, but not in preparing them. Unless you’re a big fans of cooking, watching Gordon Ramsay’s show, or work-in-and-out in the kitchen. Otherwise, cooking a big healthy meal for family is certainly not easy to you.

Since 1900s, along with industrial revolution, blender has been invented for every household to tackle big and small tasks. Blending vegetable or fruit into pulp is now a matter of seconds. This enlighten those who loves to prepare food, because they don’t need to spend hours to hand-blend all the ingredient into smaller particles anymore.

Not only that, blending has big benefits too:

  1. Fast, very fast. In less than 5 minutes, you can prepare your favourite smoothies in the morning.
  2. Less waste and healthier. All the fibre of food is consumed in a mouthful of nutritious gulp. Furthermore, because of more fibre, blending does not spike your blood sugar as much as juicing. Plus, adding seeds or egg shell (yes, for real) provides extra nutrient that you’re not normally eating them.
  3. Parent’s peace of mind. Your picky kid is not gonna say no to all the hidden veggies cocktails when they didn’t even know existed.

Now on 2017, we have got you a great looking futuristic blender for your smart home appliance.

Millo: The World’s Smartest Smoothie Maker

Smart home must-have

Like no other ordinary blenders in your kitchen, Millo is a great looking smart blender of 2017. It has modern design, quieter, lesser heat generated and better energy conversion. The blade doesn’t attach to the platform, instead, it integrated to the cup’s lid, making it the quietest blander in the market. With the magnet-driven motor, blending is happening right in the cup, and therefore you left no single wasteful drop of fruits/veggies smoothies in the blender.

Inspired by music box, Millo triggers by the conductive blender’s base magnetic surface. Simply, throw-in all the food, place the cup upside down, turn the power on, you will then have your smoothie in minute.

Millo app

It can also be controlled by Millo app, where you can have smoothie recipes, custom setting of speed/time/smoothness, energy and calories recommendation (nutrition data), sharing to social platform, and integration with fitness app (MyFitnessPal, Apple Health, etc). Alternatively, without the app, use it as a stand-alone trendsetting cool blender for your new home.

[WPGP gif_id=”9623″ width=”600″]

Smart Control – modern touch

It has a cool touchable Smart Control for you to intuitively set off the speed and turn the blender on.

Millo is designed for you to drink effortlessly. First off, it eliminates the awkward hammer drill’s noise, replacing with the rinse-n-go feature off the lid. Touch to spin the smart interface, adjust the speed via the green color display, and lastly, double tap to kickoff the process.

Millo does not just look elegant, but very convenient for office pantry or as a kitchen appliance. In this way, you skipped one step ahead, and don’t need to wash and blend and wash and blend (the old-fashion blender). Simply, fill your cup, double tap, blend and go.

Millo crushes ice too!

Price and Freebies

Millo is now on Kickstarter starts at only $199 and you can save up to $300 off this opportunity.

For the first 500 who backed their Kickstarter campaign “Millo for Family – Kickstarter Special”, you will receive 3 Amazon top-seller smoothie recipes. Meanwhile, the first 10 backers will receive the signed version, for free!

Visit the link below to their campaign to check availability.

Final Words

In overall, this kitchen appliance is modern and elegant. Plus, using the cup itself as the blender is certainly a cool concept, and we can save up the washing time too. But we don’t really need an app for blender nor remote controlling, therefore the Millo app does not seem necessary in my point of view.

Also, as no other moving parts needed, this blender added an extra layer of safety and portability for any of the event.