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When you get up in the morning, where does your day usually start? In front of the mirror right? Brushing your teeth, your hair, shaving or doing your makeup, and generally making sure you look your best for the day ahead. Well what if while you were taking care of your morning routine, your mirror was helping you get ready for the day? Introducing Mirrocool, a new smart mirror that recognizes your face and helps you get the best start to your day.

It’s features include face recognition, greeting you with personalized messages, reminding you of plans you may have for the day or birthdays you won’t want to forget, advising you on the weather forecast for the day, and even taking that perfect morning mirror selfie when you’re ready to face the world. This smart mirror works with your smart phone to integrate your life and allow you the most efficient and convenient morning routine. Don’t hold back your morning routine, make it work for you with Mirrocool, the smart mirror that knows you.