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MNML Wallet
Leather is a material that we all seek. Its soft, flexible nature allows it to last for long periods of time while still maintaining that beautiful look. What’s the problem? Anything leather is relatively expensive. Solution? The MNML Wallet!

The MNML Wallet is truly a marvel. This wallet is made from American leather of Wickett & Craig leather, handcrafted by Aquarian Leather, and hand-stained by Emmanuel Farre. This super durable, attractive wallet also doubles as a tracking device for your phone, and your phone can track the wallet as well.

Each MNML can be equipped with the TrackR tracking system for a bit of an up-charge. If you lose your wallet, open up the app, press a couple of buttons, and your phone will activate an audible ringer from the wallet. On the wallet, you will find a button that can be pressed to help locate your phone. The MNML makes your phone ring even if on silent mode. Now that’s just genius.

This wallet is built for cardholders. Featuring RFID protection, and the ability to hold three cards, the MNML lives up to its name. It is designed to be sleek, secure, and easy to implement in daily living. Starting at $60 going all the way $134 currently, it is also within reach of almost any budget. The future meets wallet.