As a webmaster myself, i didn’t put much attention to my site’s backlink profile when i first started out online business. Over month, i soon realise how important the backlink which can overturn your website, in both good and bad way.

Let me explain.

What is backlink profile and why do i need it?

Website’s ranking greatly depends on the links (doFollow), the better the site’s authority (such as .gov) link back to your site, search engine will then rank you higher in the list. However, getting a link back from a reputable site is not easy. It’s either you pay them a big sum of money, or you simply created a piece of great content that took their attention away. Either way, the link juice is phenomenal.

On the other hand, low quality links or bad links can actually backfire to your site. From determining your “friend zone” (link, in this case), search engine may then value your site lowly. Therefore, some people hired SEO expert to create links and hopefully to generate some traffics, or even revenue ultimately. If you’re out of luck, the “SEO expert” or somebody uses a negative SEO or Black-hat SEO on your site, which may cause you to lose your business in no time.

Take this site, BoyGadgets as an example.

The problem we faced

We have recently realised that some uncommon links happening to our site. We have no idea where are the links from, neither of whom did that. The screenshot below is taken from

It may have done by our competitors or someone else who tried to frame us, and eventually, dropping in Google’s ranking. If you leave this unsolved, yes, your ranking will probably be affected.

How to solve it?

Google provides users with a free tool called Google Disavowed Link Tool. This is for those who happened to face the same problem. Before this, I would always recommend user to shot an email in nice tune so that the other site can remove the link. And if there’s no response, you can then use Google Disavow service as the last resort.

So, once you set your mind up, you can start to clean up some weird links from other sites via a few of the checker tools such as Moz, Majestic or Ahrefs. I recommended because those are services with highest reputation in the industry and is more trustworthy for every penny you spent. Yes, they are not free, but worth it.

But they’re not cheap either, so where’s the alternative?

Monitor Backlinks Review

Before i getting into this review analysis, i have personally tried fews of the other backlink checkers, including Ahrefs and Majestic. To be honest, as the pioneer in the business, no other analysis service providers even come close to how detail they can give. With that, i would compare Monitor Backlink to Ahrefs, which in my mind the best provider.

The carousel below shows the interface of new backlinks, keyword ranking, traffics, etc.

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The pros and cons

First of all, some of the people may have chosen Monitor Backlink because of the price. Yes, it’s much cheaper (about 1/3 or more) then others service providers, which make it worthy to at least have a try.

Secondly, the interface is user-friendly, easy to understand, all metrics in a glance and have some useful features such as traffic integration from Google Analytic. I can learn all of my site’s score, Moz Rank, Alexa Rank, Trust Flow and Citation Flow, in a much clearer picture without really have to go check them one by one. Also, one of the most enjoyable feature is the well-arranged graph of traffic, keywords and backlinks.

I noticed their backlink table is very good design. Great filter to pinpoint the exact part you want to look for, and colour differentiation is outstanding. At some point, in my option, even outcompeted Ahrefs. Therefore, it only took me less than an hour to figure out how to use this site like a pro. It gives you warning-marks to those weird or untrusted links, with appropriate explanation, grouping up for you so that you literally spend no time in finding them. Here is what i love about this site.

And then, the bad things come.

Everything went well for a few days, the only thing i dislike was the updating speed. It says will take about 24 hours to process some link’s metrics (TF, CF, PR, etc), but in reality it took more than 2 days to update some metrics. In contrast, Ahrefs provides a live analysis of the site, it means as soon as there’s a link back to your site, it tells you instantly. See the screenshot: 

Just to be clear, i am not selling how good Ahrefs is, but as a way to compare how other service’s performance.

For some reason, they do not update the stats as frequent. For example, this article is written on 18 May (last checked) but the graph still remained on 15 May, which is 3 days ago (or maybe even later). 

In terms of accuracy, which is the most important part to users, Ahrefs shows the total links to my site is 14.6K with 84 referring domains. However, Monitor Backlink can’t show the total backlinks but only the number of total referring domains as 95. I would say it’s not ideal, as sometime i wanted to look for which specific link that pointing to my site. Nonetheless, for some reason the accuracy is abit off the chart (in compare to Ahrefs), but still acceptable in overall.

Final words

Monitor Backlinks has good and user-friend interface. It’s ideal for those who looking for lower budget, casual use of monitoring the small to medium site without much effort. But i would not recommend to professional user who look for more sophisticated and robust system.

You can learn more about Monitor Backlink via here.